Let’s Start a Revolution… Let Go of Super Mom and Become a Power Mom!

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One Reply to “Let’s Start a Revolution… Let Go of Super Mom and Become a Power Mom!”

  1. Elizabeth Oliveto

    Can’t wait to read your book! I went from being a Sales Manager to being a stay at home mom & housewife – but with a catch… we travel 100% of the time for my husbands work so I am actually a TravelTrailerWife! My husbands “cleaning ocd” disappeared the day I became a housewife and his philosophy became “that’s her job, not mine anymore” this was quite an adjustment when combined with new mommyhood. Very stressful. This year I started my own company, from “home” since we travel, and became a housewife, stay at home mom and small business owner – the problem was that I was still doing it all, just much more of it. Hubby finally decided that my head was about to blow up and that we should put the baby (almost 2 now) in daycare part time so that I can catch up “with it all”. It feels so good going from Super Mom to Power Mom! Now I am not running behind at all times, I am actually ahead! I had looked at getting help via daycare as a failure, but everybody is much happier now!

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