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What is a Livecast? by @JenniferDonogh

by Jennifer Donogh

Whether you choose to call it a livecast, live webcast, or live stream, broadcasting live over the Internet is the hot marketing strategy of 2013. In the past year we’ve seen a number of high-level, female coaches using a live launch in their marketing strategy. So, what is it and why is it so great?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is what makes live streaming different from hosting a webinar or a teleconference. Above all else the difference is in the experience, but what creates that experience is:

4564259262_f7fcc089f41. Two way conversation: include a chat on your sales page using a hashtag across multiple social media networks to pull in during your stream. Acknowledge those who are participating in the conversation and respond live.

2. Build the stream around your objective: if you’re selling an item or conducting a program you build the page your stream is viewed on in a environment made to meet your objective. It’s on your domain, using your branding and organized in a manner that sells.

3. Easy to access from any device from wherever you are: teleconferencing used to
be the preferred manner for conducting launches because it was easy. Participants could be on their phones while making dinner. Today, live webcasting is available just as easily on most devices from wherever you are.

4. Easy to share: include click to tweet, like, or share buttons easily on your page. On the actual live video stream provide calls to action as well.

4. Multimedia: go further than the slides you see in webinars. Add in video testimonials from past clients (prerecorded or on live with you via Skype). Bring in images, tweets, music, and captions that help create the experience that best suits your brand, your followers, and what you are launching.

6. Easy to syndicate: once you are done you’re able to reuse your live launch in video or audio format and still delight the viewer. The files are flexible; upload to YouTube (in its entirety or edit your recording into clips) or use the recordings as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter.

In the past when creating teleconferences and webinars you may have shared information
(which set you up as an expert) and had past clients make an appearance (which provided some
validation). That still applies today for filling your time with content. However, with live streaming it’s more important to focus on the experience and space you are creating for your followers than just filling time with content. Make it easy for your followers to connect with each other and build on your ideas. Your message will go farther and have a greater effect on all involved when you spend time on creating a space for community along with developing your content during your live launch.

How are you creating an experience that connects your followers and allows them to build on your ideas, while making it easy to participate and spread your message? This is why live streaming is going to be how you launch your products and programs in 2013.

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photoJennifer Donogh is an owner and President of producing live, online events using Ovaleye’s streaming media engine. She is also the host of the weekly live show, Young Female Entrepreneurs .

3 Replies to “What is a Livecast? by @JenniferDonogh”

  1. Nicole @theWardrobeCode

    I absolutely love the YFE Livecast! I agree that the two-way conversation is important because it gets even more people involved in the conversation.

    1. Melissa Stewart

      I agree Nicole. The YFE Livecast is amazing. Love the community Jennifer is creating with YFE!

    2. Jennifer Donogh

      Thank you Nicole!! I love having like people of you part of the weekly events- it makes for awesome conversation and learn get so much more out of it 🙂

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