Give Yourself ANOTHER Reason To FIGHT For Your Dream!

by Melissa Stewart

My grandmother was recently diagnosed with cancer. This post is not about cancer. A brief conversation last night as I was leaving her house triggered this post. My granny said “My teeth need some work but I’d hate to spend all that money on dental work if I’m not going to be around much longer.” to which my immediate reply was “Granny! Don’t look at it that way! Get the work done and then you can say there’s NO WAY you’re checking out any time soon! Not after spending that much money on dental work!”  That perspective put a smile on her face.

What does this have to do with you and your business? Invest in your business so you have something to lose! If you’re “toying” with an idea or treating your business like a hobby, you’ve got very little invested and nothing to lose. Commit. Make the down payment on your dream so you can say “I’m committed! I’ve INVESTED in my dream and now I’m going to do the WORK it takes to make it come true.”

Give yourself ANOTHER reason to FIGHT for your dream!

Love you Granny! XOXO!!

Melissa StewartMelissa Stewart is a serial entrepreneur who has had a “home office” since age 5. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, addicted to coffee and eternally optimistic. Her latest project is a site committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by offering resources, support and inspiration. @melissaonline


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