Making Connections is Key – Ways to Stay Connected

by  Alyssa Avant

Most business owners take the time to make connections, but struggle to keep those new formed relationships thriving. While making the connection is important, staying connected is essential for business survival. I want to help you take your fresh connections and use them to make your business grow.  Or maybe you just don’t know how to use the tools that you may already have in your business to your advantage.   The following three areas are perfect tools and way stay connected to your potential clients and customers simply by using your website at its best.

Staying Connected with Your Website

Use SEO to your advantage to get people there in the first place.  Search engine optimizing your site will drive the traffic you want there.  You will do this mainly with keywords.  Keyword research will be your first step, then you will implement it on your website.

Make the connection.  Once visitors are on your site your first goal should be to get them to opt in.  Basically, you’re wanting to get them to give you their name and email address.  The best way to do this is through an irresistible free offer.  You will give them your free offer – an ebook, an ecourse, a free report or audio in return for their name and email address.

Links to your social media profiles.  Staying connected involves making connections via several places.  You want to be in front of your potential clients and customers as much as possible, which is why you want to prominently display social media icons with links to your social media profiles on your website.  I suggest links to at least the top 4 social media sites.  These include: Facebook, Linked In, YouTube and Twitter.

Know who is coming to your site and what they are clicking on.  The best way to know this is through tracking.  A perfect way to track your website visitors is by using Google Analytics.  Google Analytics shows you your website visitors, where they came from, how they got there and what they read while they are there.  You’ll even know how long they stayed on your site.  This is valuable information you can use to get them to come back.

Engage in conversation through your blog. Posting new blog posts on a consistent basis will not only help bring traffic to your website through SEO, but it will also help to engage your readers and get them to talk to you.  Be sure to ask questions and give them a call to action.

These are just a few ways that using your website to stay connected.  It is important that we use the tools that we already have in place rather than chasing so many new ways.  Sometimes we tend to want to reinvent the wheel when what we have could be working harder for us if we just set it up to do so.

Alyssa Avant is a tech consultant and trainer, published author, and professional speaker. Alyssa has been working virtually since 2007. She has years of experience working with online professionals and business owners.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they can avoid the years of trial and error that she experienced as a new online business owner. Alyssa takes special pride in teaching entrepreneurs how to begin and handle all of their technology needs. Alyssa has gone from being a solopreneur to building a team of professionals who help meet all her client’s technical needs.  You can grab your  free report – 7 Tips for a Professional Looking Ebook at her website,

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  1. Kathleen

    As someone who recently got into the social networking scene, I am a bit amazed at how easy it is to connect with followers. Wish I had done it sooner.

  2. Zoe

    Alyssa, I think you pretty much covered all the vital points for netting new customers. It is true they have to feel that visiting your site is a pleasure they want to return to and if it involves a purchase, that it is a simple, enjoyable process! I’d be interested on any feedback you can offer on our site for improvements if you are able to? Many thanks,

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