Meet Farnoosh Brock of @prolificliving! She’s Living Her 2nd Act and Can Help You Work Happy Too! #SheOwnsIt


by Melissa Stewart

It all started a few years ago with this simple blog and the process led me to completely re-invent myself.

Farnoosh Brock is such an inspiration! She’s passionately working on her “second act” and helping others do the same!

Her work motto: Be in love or don’t bother!

Have you found your place in this world yet? Farnoosh can help.

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Describe your business in 3 sentences.

Farnoosh Brock shows you how to reinvent yourself, wherever you are in life or profession, how to live in alignment to your true calling, how to make decisions that are smart and right for your situation, and how to create a profitable online business with a freedom lifestyle. She’s also an expert green juicer, yoga addict, world traveler, published author, business coach and professional blogger.

What inspired you to start your business?

Unhappiness, in short. I wasn’t happy and there came a point when I had to make a decision if I wanted to keep doing what I’d always done – a cushy corporate career, benefits, stock options, perks and total misery – or if I am ready to take a chance, to follow my inner voice, and to create real impact on the world. I took the chance.

Is your business your passion?

Absolutely. My motto is: If you’re not in love, don’t bother. If I’m not in love with my business, and with what I do daily, if I’m not in love with my clients and students and the solutions that I bring to my customers, I remind myself that I should go back to a miserable corporate job. So yes, my business is my passion 100% of the time.

How many hours a week do you spend working your business? How much sleep do you get a night?

I work a flexible schedule. During my travels, I may work 4 hours a day on my business but when I’m at home on a regular routine, I may work 10 hours with frequent breaks. I mix work and play. I sleep about 7 hours a night, but I wish I could survive on just 5! Tell me if you know the secret how.




What does a “normal” day look like (if there is such a thing)?

There really isn’t especially if I’m on the road – My husband (who is now my full-time business partner) and I travel a lot both for fun and for our business. But my current schedule is this: I get up at 5am and work a few hours then I take off 3 hours for my yoga practice and some reading. Then I am back at it for the afternoon and evening. I take time out to have dinner but it may be quick if I have coaching calls and other obligations. I decompress for the evening routine – hot bath, reading fiction, relaxing with hot tea, and then lights out by 10:30pm.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Well, my life and my work are one and the same. I never liked this phrase work/life because isn’t work part of life? If you mean the balance between personal life and professional, again, I feel that my work fuels my personal life and vice versa. I don’t have “on” and “off” hours. I work when I want to work and I play when I want to play. One thing I pay attention to is when things feel off-balance, when I’m unhappy or something is not right. Then I started to look at what’s happening: Am I working too much? Am I neglecting my husband or my health? If so, I take measures to re-adjust.

How do you stand out from the crowd? What distinguishes your business from the competition?

I never think of competition anymore after leaving corporate. How ironic, right? The worst competition I felt was in corporate environment. In the world of entrepreneurship, I do what I am here to do, I serve whom I want to serve and if there are 10,000 others doing the same thing, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t compete with anyone but myself. What distinguishes my business is me – there is no other person that approaches coaching, writing, success, entrepreneurship, and product creation the way I do. I am the brand, the unique voice and lock to my business. Those who resonate with me will be my fans, followers, clients and customers and those who don’t find their own tribe.




How long did it take to get started?

I was blogging for a couple of years before I decided to quit my day job, but I didn’t have my side-hustle built up to the 6-figure income at the time I quit. I just knew my job was not my calling and it had to stop, I could not afford to waste any more of my life doing it. I guess I don’t know the answer to this question – I started making money when I made the decision to turn my “hobby” into a business and that took perhaps 6 months to 9 months to create decent income, and it has been growing ever since.

What business tools have helped you the most?

Gosh I use so many. I use Google docs, Dropbox, Gmail, ASANA, GoToMeeting, Freshbooks, Paypal, Aweber, Buffer, IFTTT, Screenflow, Audacity, PhotoShop, TextExpander, MindManager to name a few. I can’t stand MS Office, if you’re wondering so I’m in LOVE with Google Docs. My physical devices are iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro, Kindle, and lots of hard drive space.

What did it cost to start your business? How did you find the funds?

I started with extremely low overhead, perhaps $100 a month, so it was completely affordable. I was profitable within the first 3 months. I don’t recommend EVER borrowing money to start your business, so I’m not for the start-up venture capital approach. Start with what you have and be motivated to make money right away.

Is your business profitable?

Since month 1, and more so every passing month. So yes.

What have been your most valuable resources?

My relationships, connections with the people that I trust and respect and learn from, becoming part of key mastermind groups, and hiring the right private coaches to push me and help me grow in ways I could not possibly do on my own.

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