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Meet Shae Baxter! She’s Your New SEO BFF and Part of the #SheOwnsIt Holiday Marketplace!

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by Melissa Stewart

Meet your website’s new SEO BFFSEO Coach Shae Baxter is the creator of Get Your Blog Read By Millions, Shae Baxter teaches bloggers how to use the power of Search Engine Optimization to make it easier for clients and fans to discover your work. Shae has been featured in publications like Grassroots Internet Strategy and the Unemployable Woman and is an official supplier for Elto. Get seen by the people that you want to serve and make Google your Best Friend Forever.




What inspired you to start your SEO business?

A friend actually inspired me to start my own business. Not long before that I started my own personal blog and then friends starting asking me to write web copy for them. One of them said that I should just start my own business. I never considered starting my own business before but the idea excited me. I discovered I really enjoyed blogging and writing and felt it suited my personality because I’m an introvert. I wasn’t happy in my job at the time and honestly when I look back, I was never happy in any of the jobs I had. The next day I registered a business name and it went from there. I started as a copywriter but now I focus on Search Engine Optimization or bloggers and entrepreneurs.


How do you stand out from a competitive SEO crowd? What distinguishes your business from the competition?

My niche is helping creative entrepreneurs blog smarter using the power of SEO. There’s certainly no shortage of SEO companies, agencies and experts out there but I noticed most of the information about SEO was focused on bigger brands and companies and either Internet or affiliate marketing. I noticed a lot of entrepreneurial service providers and bloggers were confused and overwhelmed about SEO and weren’t implementing it in a way that can leverage their websites. A lot of the information about SEO is also very robotic and technical and I wanted to create a brand that people can trust and explain and teach SEO in a way that people can immediately understand and implement. As the creator of Get Your Blog Read By Millions, I teach bloggers how to use the power of SEO – Search Engine Optimization – to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover their work.


What business tools have helped you the most?

Well I couldn’t get by without my trusty keyword research software and tools such as Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro. These tools help me to generate thousands of keywords so I can assess and determine the best keywords for my clients. I also use the free Google Keyword Planner tool, which is fantastic and the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
Google Analytics is also an essential tool because it’s so important to measure the performance of your website ad to see if the traffic you are getting is converting.

From a productivity standpoint, I love using Evernote and Google Docs.


hat have been your biggest obstacles?

Because I’ve been a one-woman show for so long some of my biggest obstacles have been around balancing working in and on the business so my business can grow. Client prep work consumes a large part of my time and energy but there are things I know I need to do to grow the business. There are also times where I’ve neglected taking time out just for me and my own self-care. I’ve been spending too much of my time “working” and “trading my time for money.” I’m now working on systemizing my business and getting my systems set up.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect and for the stars to align. Just start. I know that sounds like a cliché but just set up a basic WordPress site and start blogging. When I start my business, I was so focussed on getting my brand and message right.  While that is important, it takes time to develop clarity and real insight and the only way you find out is to create content and then see how people react and respond. Blogging is your best free marketing tool. Your message will evolve and you will gain greater insights as to who your ideal client really is.

Are there any words of advice, books, role models, or mentors that really inspired and changed you?

I’ve been fortunate to work with some great mentors here in Australia including Julie Parker, Angela Raspass, Kylie Patchett and Denise Duffield-Thomas. I absolutely love and adore Marie Forleo and Alexandra Franzen. I recently attended one of Alexandra Franzen’s writing workshops and she spoke about the concept of dying empty, which is a book written by Todd Henry. It’s about doing your best work everyday so you can leave the world a better place than you found it.

I’m a classic introvert so I love Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts. The book helped to explain a lot about my behavior and characteristics and that there is nothing wrong with me. There’s too many books to mention but I also loved The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.


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