Mommy Perks Q&A Week! Monday’s Question: How Can I Start a Business Without A Lot Of $$?

When I asked Shara (Mommy Perks) to guest blog on She Owns It, I had no idea how fabulous her contribution would be! She provided SO much information that I couldn’t stand the thought of editing anything out. My solution? This week is “MommyPerks” week featuring 5 days and 6 questions crowdsourced and expertly answered by Shara! Enjoy.

by Shara Lawrence-Weiss, Mommy Perks

When getting ready to write this guest post, I called on my Facebook readers to ask a few questions: What do they want to know? What article topic would they find most helpful? This week we will answer the questions Mommy Perks readers asked.

Question: How can you start a business without a lot of money? Women do not always have financial backing and it is hard to see success without money.

Answer: This is a tough one, for sure. It’s hard to start up a business with no money at all. When I first bought Mommy Perks I secured two loans (one from the bank and one from a family member). We are still paying the loans off, years later. There is so much to consider when starting a business: a website or blog, a logo, design work, marketing and advertising, PR and more. I would suggest that a new business owner save up at least a little bit of money or…learn to do these things for oneself! Learn to build a website/blog, build your own social media community, design your own logo, etc. I always suggest that if you have a regular income already, don’t quit that job until you have saved up some funds to help with your start-up.

There are numerous ways to save money, though: buy your business cards from an inexpensive online source, pay a mom business for your logo (many moms will now create logos for as little as 5 bucks if you give them the artwork to use), set up your own social media accounts rather than hiring help and do your own research to get things going!

I recently interviewed Barbara Corcoran and asked her about finances for start-ups. You can hear her reply here:


Shara Lawrence-Weiss is the owner of 12 websites (shared with her husband) including Mommy Perks (, Kids Perks (, Early Childhood News and Resources ( and Reliable Bloggers ( She has a background in education, early childhood, nanny work, special needs, freelance and marketing. Shara has three children … soon to be four. You can find her on twitter under @MommyPerks

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  2. Shara

    Thank you for the kind introduction. I’m thrilled to be guest writing on your blog. Thank you for having me!

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