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Mommy Perks Q&A Week: What are some of the major rewards for your hard work and determination?

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

by Shara Lawrence-Weiss, Mommy Perks

When getting ready to write this guest post, I called on my Facebook readers to ask a few questions: What do they want to know? What article topic would they find most helpful? This week we will answer the questions Mommy Perks readers asked.

Question: What are some of the major rewards for your hard work and determination?

Answer: After buying Mommy Perks there were some serious bumps in the road. Previous relationships had been damaged and numerous amends had to be made. None of this was my doing but I paid the price, as the new owner. For four months I cried myself to sleep, wondering if I had made a mistake buying this business. My husband said, “You can do this, Shara. Don’t give up. I have faith in your abilities to not only put through but to turn Mommy Perks into something amazing.” Two years later I’ve established a loyal and tight-knit community of women who support one another, read the articles, comment, ask questions, engage, help others with business advice and more. Sometimes a little tear will roll down my cheek when I think about everything that’s behind me and how far I’ve come.

Giving up is an easy choice to make. Giving in and quitting takes no effort. Pushing through and facing your fears, however, gives you something to dance about. The feeling of empowerment is amazing: I made it through! I didn’t give up! I never quit! I worked day and night to make this happen and I’ve gotten to the other side! It’s hard to put that into words other than to say… “I feel stronger now than ever before. I feel as though I could do anything. I feel smart and energetic and capable.”


Shara Lawrence-Weiss is the owner of 12 websites (shared with her husband) including Mommy Perks (, Kids Perks (, Early Childhood News and Resources ( and Reliable Bloggers ( She has a background in education, early childhood, nanny work, special needs, freelance and marketing. Shara has three children … soon to be four. You can find her on twitter under @MommyPerks


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