You Are More Than A Number by @toninelsonbiz

Photo Credit: sperkyajachtu via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: sperkyajachtu via Compfight cc

by Toni Nelson | Featured Contributor

You are more than a number

One of the reasons I’m passionate about building a list of email subscribers is because I love building a community where everyone benefits. It’s like getting asked over to a dinner party where you get to know each other better.

When I was in the wedding industry I learned that one of the best ways to build relationships with brides was to have them on my email list.

There were so many things I saw from behind the lens that I wanted to share with them to make their weddings visually appealing an run smoothly. My desire to help them lead me to become a certified wedding planner. Trust me that was not on my list of things to do but I wanted to make sure I was writing and sharing the correct information. I didn’t offer wedding planning services but armed with this information I could send out email tips, write blog posts and really connect with them.

When I wrote my first book last year Sexy, Savvy and Successful: A Woman’s Guide On How To Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom and Buy More Shoes! I didn’t realize it would change my whole business.

For almost 30 years I’ve been doing what comes naturally to me and that is helping people start and grow their business.

So what does this have to do with numbers? When I Founded The Mine System Of Learning I had to start from scratch growing my list of email subscribers.

If you are just starting a new business you understand exactly what I mean. What I have to say blind sided me was when I would meet with a possible business partner and they would say they loved that I had such a wealth of knowledge and experience and would love to work with me but I needed a list of at least 5,000 subscribers. That was a prerequisite to partnering with them. That being said there were some who said the list had to be at least 3,000.

The interesting thing I found was that although I didn’t have that number requirement I was still being sent promotional emails by them!

I’ve never grown my businesses based on the number of my email subscribers, the number of comments on my blog or my dress size. Ok the last one doesn’t matter at all but you get my drift.  I choose to focus on the person and what I can offer them.

You may have a list of 300 people but if those people are responsive they are worth more than having 3,000 people who aren’t.

It doesn’t matter what your “numbers” are. You are worth more than that.

Of course you want to grow your list we all do so I’m going to share some ways to bring traffic to your site so you can start building your list of email subscribers.

First: Have an opt-in form with a great give away on your website. You could be taking all this time and spending countless dollars but if you aren’t even attempting to capture your visitors email addresses you are throwing money down the drain.

Second get active on forums. One of the first things I did when I started my videography and photography business was to find forums and start getting active. This is where I’m supposed to tell you that I was doing that strategically but the truth of the matter is all I wanted to do was make connections. It wasn’t until later on that I realized I had to become a marketing expert and had stumbled on to something that worked.

You see getting on forums and trying to help other people who’ve been where you are makes you feel good. For all those people that told you “no” you have the power to tell someone “yes”. Feels really good doesn’t it?

Third was to find sites I could be on that were free or low cost. If you are a wedding planner, florist, bridal consultant, DJ or event planner I would highly recommend putting your free listing on   It’s a great place to start advertising. As time goes on you can upgrade to their paid program which is what I did with much success.

Fourth put your listing on This may be more localized but it’s another way for you to gain exposure.

Fifth: this may seem like a no brainer but make sure your website is listed with Yahoo, Bing and Google to start.

Sixth: I know you might roll your eyes at this one but you need to start creating GOOD quality videos to expand your reach. Start off small by making videos that are under a minute. In a previous post I mentioned 7 tips for face-to-face videos go back and check that out again.

Seventh: Get active on social media. I know you are savvy and know this but I still had to mention it. Tweet about your blog posts and offers but tweet about other things as well. One of my favorite things to tweet about is apple news. I love my iphone and IMAC and when I come across something interesting I share it. I also share other business and tech related topics.   This makes you more visible and helps you build a community.

When it comes to bringing traffic to your site you are in control.

Building your list of email subscribers doesn’t have to be difficult. Bringing traffic to your site doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

I want to help you get more traffic to your site so you can build that email list of subscribers so join me for my FREE course on 15 Days To More Website Traffic.

See what nuggets of information you can pick up and start putting to use in your marketing strategy.

By the way don’t feel rejected by the word “no”. Instead let it empower you to get that “yes” that I know you deserve.

Be Savvy and Successful!


Toni Nelson – P Factor Marketing , Business Training

Toni NelsonI’m Toni Nelson. My first business was started almost 30 years ago out of a desire to be home more for my daughter. Since that time I’ve helped others start and grow their business. Seeking to empower women I wrote my first book: Sexy, Savvy and Successful! – A Woman’s Guide On How To Start A Business, Gain Financial Freedom and Buy More Shoes! After reading my book people kept asking me what they needed to do next. How could they get training? That’s when I became the Founder of The Mine System Of Learning. I wanted to produce courses to help people gain or sharpen their skills so they could claim ownership of their business and say, “Yes! It’s MINE”!

My second book: The Secret Equation To Attracting More Clients – Marketing + P Factor + Video = $$$$ helps businesses find out what makes them different so they can stand out from the competition and attract more clients.

As an Award winning Videographer and Photographer I’ve been published in such places as DIY Bride, Kiss My Tule and the Florida Wedding Atlas. My video expertise has been featured on The American Express Open Forum.

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2 Replies to “You Are More Than A Number by @toninelsonbiz”

  1. Toni Nelson

    Thanks Judy for posting your thoughts! Building quality relationships is part of the Secret Equation To Attracting More Clients. It’s the way we build our communities.

  2. Judy Yaron PhD

    Interesting, Toni, that I should come across your post today. First thing I did this morning was unsubscribe a significant number of people from my list. I realized that they signed up for the wrong reasons and never actually opened my messages – so what’s the point?

    For me, list building is a very sensitive issue. I somehow refuse to get caught up in numbers. I want to know my Guests. I want to be able to engage with them as people and individuals.

    I believe that quality content and quality relationships will lead to quality business.

    Thanks for reminding us all that at the end of the day quality is what it’s all about.

    HUGS <3

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