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Empty Nest Research Study (Capella University)

PamAgard-pictureby Pamela Agard

I know “student” sounds like I am only 20 but I will be hitting the big 50 this year.  I am excited about the research I am doing in the area of “empty nest mothers”.  As a new empty nester myself,  I am happy and I am sad but it is a great time for me.   My only daughter left for Harvard University about a year ago.

The reality is that I now have to figure out what to do with all the time I have.  I currently work as a Global Compensation Projects Manager; I am a Travel Agent on the side; and now I am a student.   I am extremely busy with all kinds of things.  Before my daughter left, I had big plans about all the activities I was going to get involved in; I was going to truly transform my life and go after “my interests”.  Well it is a slow process but I am most excited about getting back to school and studying this target group of “empty-nest mothers” that I fall into.

This research is through Capella University and my interest is in what are the attitudes of women towards counseling.  There is much stigma around College Studentseeking counseling but is it because there not many options available other than just the old fashioned face-to-face in the counselor’s office?  I am curious why many women who may need counseling do not seek it out.

There is nothing to purchase and your responses are anonymous.  The data goes into a big database and your name will not be captured.  I know that everyone is busy and as a token of my appreciation I am offering a $300 giveaway after I reach my participant goal.   I have also added a $100 cruise gift certificate for all participants who complete the survey – 15 minutes only of your time.   This is a study that will be published and hopefully I am able to contribute something significant about “empty nest mothers”.   Thanks so much for your time.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.



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