On Finding Beauty by @JanrMiesse

by Jan R. Miesse

Women are looking for beauty everywhere. People are working hard to be more appealing to the world. We, as women or men, are attracted to outside physical beauty. Cosmetic enhancements are at the highest level in history. Cosmetic companies are posting major profits. Creams and make-up items can easily cost over two hundred dollars per ounce.

Running after beauty gets tiring. Paying for physical beauty gets expensive. Know who you are – show your heart and beauty can be your middle name. Decide who you want to be in this life and move there daily. You can change toward your goals of inward beauty very quickly as you give your thoughts propelled action.

We have met people who shine from the inside out. We have met people who do not attract any attention until their eyes twinkle or wisdom flows from their mouths. Women can show amazing beauty that reaches into their spirits and flows like energy and grace to those who pay attention.

Keep in mind:

• There will always be someone smarter – be wiser
• There will always be someone more eloquent – be a listener
• There will always be someone more fit – be gracious
• There will always be someone more attractive – be lovely
• There is always opportunity for you to shine more brightly

Beautiful people have souls and spirits that transcend the physical setting. The human house we dwell in ages and is wounded. The attitude of hearts and minds is key and essential to lasting beauty. Essentials such as care, compassion, love, forgiveness, trust, truth and authenticity bring abundant life. Physical beauty brings fleeting happiness, much attention and an ease in life that others work harder to obtain. Living into these attributes daily will cause you to grow more effortlessly into a life that is outward reaching and positive. You will be happier when you choose to draw affirmations and strength into your life more fully.

I have met some physically beautiful people who love themselves more than anyone else could love them. Entitlements are expected by some men and women because of their attractiveness. Depression and sadness can easily set into lives that have no depth, no inner beauty of confidence. My heart goes out to those individuals who are passed over due to their facial unattractive features. I have heard women in wheelchairs say they are overlooked and people talk above them as though they cannot hear, see or think for themselves. The human race is too often intolerant and harsh but I see the tide changing into more accepting kindness in many areas.

Fabulous beauty of the soul will never be forgotten. You can touch lives you never dreamed you could affect in spectacular ways.

Be confident today as your personal growth and life enhancing experiences lead you to an inner beauty you never realized you could gain. Share your enlightened ways, your faith in God, your support for other people to empower them to shine, to be encouraged and inspired to light the way for someone else. If we don’t pass it on, our light may dim; our purpose and passion about truth in finding beauty will seem diminished. Relish the people you know who encourage, offer hope, share joy and truth with others. Your life will be enriched by learning and emulating those friends who draw from their heart and spirit and not completely from the lighting, make-up and wardrobe choices.

On a recent TV show, the host asked three women to take off all their make-up and stand in front of the camera for millions to see. I thought that was presumptuous, risky and a very stark request for someone who did not take his make-up off’; then admitted in a later show that he uses Botox. The women complied and stood in front of the camera looking a little lost. We often hide behind our cosmetics, jewelry and hairstyles but they are part of our culture and daily life.

Leaving our hearts and spirits behind is the dangerous part of living our own beauty. Embrace who you are, improve at what you love, experience new thoughts and actions, grow and bloom into a more radiant human being. Go there. Bloom more.


Jan R. Miesse I have always loved to empower women through business and life experience. A leader in many community groups and a business owner all of my life. After college, I continued to enlarge my passion through health, coaching, marketing and training to bring joy to everyone that I meet. I love family, friends, art, music, writing, reading, the power of God and abundant daily joy.

My first non-fiction book for women includes many quotes by women about many facets of life. In Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers) you will hear the voices of many women as they speak through tears, sadness and into joy, perseverance and truth. Enjoy the garden path and journey through rocks, stony trails into meadow of amazing beauty of God’s creation. Identity with the hearts and souls of women who have led life in ways of strength through trials. This book might just change your life!

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