2 Overlooked Questions For Hiring A Website Professional

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  1. Erica Wiley[ Post Author ]

    Great answer on Quora- thanks for sharing!

    The fact that these files are sometimes quite large and that the client most likely won’t know what to do with them is true.

    However, the files can be provided by a large file share service(instead of email) and they are NOT intended to be used by the client, unless they know how. Since the client either has to return to the artist for all future changes, even if simple text, or hire another professional, the choice should be up to the client.

    There are some VAs trained to work with these programs and could do simpler changes at a lower cost for the client. Besides, I don’t know a single artist who wants to be getting calls to fix text any.

    I find that if you give them the files, they may take simple changes elsewhere, but usually come back to the artist for new designs. Integrity breeds loyalty.

    That said, I believe only final artwork approved for the client should be the client’s. That excludes rejected artwork, including comps.

    Again, great considerations from the “other side of the fence”

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation!

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