How To Craft A Perfect Holiday Marketing Campaign That Will Make Your Customers Buy More by @kerijaehnig

by Keri Jaehnig | Featured Contributor

Looking for ways to get your customers to buy more during your holiday marketing campaign?

We are hardly three months away from Christmas. Summer is retreating and winter is approaching. Right now Game of Thrones might be holding your attention, but count few days from today and your inbox will start getting flooded with offers and coupons smartly dated for the holiday season.

Oh yes! Marketers no longer wait until the seasons to kick in to start selling. They know time is currency and they use it really well, sometimes making proactive investments like these holiday season coupons that come early.

Now, if you are a marketer or an online seller, you need to have a holiday marketing campaign strategy in place now, right NOW! Holidays make people spend quite a lot. You can get a share of that spending for your business if you arm yourself with a proper campaign.

Here is what you need to do to craft a perfect holiday marketing campaign that will stump your customers and bring more customers to you.

Personalize the campaign

Making your customers feel special and participating in the campaign is great way to win them over. Personalize the campaign in such a way that they feel they are a part of the campaign. By personalization we mean the tone of the campaign, the response required and the overall experience. Set the campaign in such a way that it addresses the customer, as a single individual directly.

For example, this christmas season reimagine your fashion statement with XYZ.

Automate ad campaigns

A key element to successful marketing, be it for seasonal campaigns or otherwise, it repetition. Your customers need to see your campaign at least 7 times so that they remember your brand and feel persuaded to pull out their wallets and buy something.

To ensure that your brand message is spread spread uniformly and consistently, automate them. Leverage the power of ad automation so that you don’t have to meddle yourself with the task of shooting ads every now and then. However, make sure you do optimize the ad periodically to achieve better results.

Keep the ad copy true & genuine

Imagine your ad copy to be a magnet that can attract customers. Now to make that magnet stronger, you have to spice up your ad copy with genuinity. True ad copies that offer customers a solid promise reaches out better than ad copies that is written with an intention to purely sell.

Keep the tone of the ad copy to address a specific issue that the customer could be facing during the seasonal rush. For example, Printed scarfs at discounted prices for you that nobody else would get.

The idea is to make the customer feel the exclusivity of the product. The ad copy should appeal to the emotion, expectation and exclusivity that a customer would expect.

Create a sense of urgency & demand

Seasons are limited time periods that don’t exist for long. Your customers won’t necessarily feel it, since there are hundreds of other choices that are available throughout the year. But, you can change that notion and creating a sense of urgency and demand by tweaking your holiday marketing campaign.

You can create a sense of urgency in your holiday marketing campaign by:

  • Hinting what they (customers) would be missing if they don’t take immediate action, or
  • Showing a positive outcome for immediate action
  • Encouraging or offering for seasonal troubles
  • Offering reasons for celebration
  • Setting deadlines for offer expiry

Make it socially shareable

Do you know? There is a larger probability of your customers are bound to take action on a campaign that they see coming from a friend’s social media share or mention. Social sharing is a powerful tool to maximize your ad campaign’s outreach.

That is why making your campaign socially shareable with social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. helps a lot.

Use custom season promo codes

Why custom promo codes?” You may ask. Custom promo codes helps distinguish your campaign from rest of the world. Do you want to get lost among the hundreds of “#ChristmasSale!” or have something like “#unwraphappiness”, “Bundleofjoy20”, etc.

Create custom and unique promo codes that will not only help you stand out, but will also strike a memory for your customers to cherish of good times. It goes a long way in cementing brand loyalty that usual tactics can’t achieve.

Winding it Up

Holidays set the perfect mood and setting to create a long-term relationship with customers. A well planned holiday marketing campaign will help strengthen that relationship. You must be well aware of how to craft your own holiday marketing campaign that will boost your sales.

Do you have any more ideas that can make a holiday marketing campaign stand out? Let me know.


Keri Jaehnig is the Founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media and writes for She Owns ItKeri Jaehnig is the Founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media, an international Social Media Marketing Agency. Keri helps business brands, public figures, and non-profits achieve and positive online reputation. You may have seen Keri online at Forbes, Social Media Today, Search Engine People, Business Insider, AOL Small Business, TabSite, WiseStamp, SteamFeed, and other social media marketing websites. She also writes for her own blog at In 2013 Keri received a Small Business Influencer Honorable Mention Award, and a commendation for Outstanding Attainment in Social Media from the State of Ohio Senate. Non-fat lattes, travel & quick wit make her smile, and Keri is always enthused to meet new people!

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