Top Pinterest Questions Answered by @MagneticSilvia

by Silvia Pencak

Your top Pinterest questions answered! That is what you will find within this article. Pinterest, one of the newest social media tools on the internet, is a great way to meet new friends, gather inspirational ideas, and promote your business. But because Pinterest is so new, there are a lot of questions that people still need answered.

Let’s take a look at some of the top ones.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is the newest craze in social media. Since it first opened in May 2011, Pinterest quickly gained millions of new users. To be more specific, Pinterest acts as a type of social scrapbooking website. Within the website, you can create collages (known as “boards”) of photographs or interesting things that you find online. These collages can then be organized and shared with other users.


How can you become involved on Pinterest?

Right now, you can only join Pinterest if you receive an invitation to do so. The best way to get an invitation is to ask a friend who already has an active account. If you do not know anyone on Pinterest, you can also request an invitation from their support staff. This usually takes longer than personal invites, but it will eventually gain you access to an account.


How does Pinterest work?

Once you have activated an account on Pinterest, you can start posting pictures and videos to your boards. You can create as many boards as you like, and categorize them however you desire. There are three ways that you can attach something to your board:

  • You can upload your own pictures or videos
  • You can “repin” images that other users have uploaded to their boards
  • You can install the Pinterest plugin on your browser and select images or videos from other websites to pin on your board.


Who uses Pinterest?

There are a variety of different people who use Pinterest, each with different reasons. Some people use Pinterest to gain inspiration (you can gain ideas from pictures for decorating, landscaping, weddings, etc.), some use it to share inspiration, some use it to share pictures with friends and family, and some use it to promote their business.


Can Pinterest further my business?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of business that you own. Pinterest is a scrapbooking type website that is largely photograph based. As such, any business that can be promoted through artistic creativity will largely benefit from promotion on the site. Businesses such as wedding planning, landscaping, and interior decorating, in which one can show off their creativity through visual representation, are the ones that will benefit most from using Pinterest. Having said that, Pinterest can also be great for small and local businesses, as well as businesses that can create an online “catalogue” to sell products.

So there you have it – your top Pinterest questions answered! For more information about Pinterest and other social media platforms visit my site Magnetic Look.




Silvia Pencak, also known as Magnetic Silvia from social media, created Magnetic Look to help small business owners solve one of their biggest problems: build a unique, attractive and profitable business’ presence online.

Silvia created her first website in 2006 originally to stay in touch with her family and friends around the world.

A lot has changed since. She now runs multiple websites where she shares her expertise and she is also very active on social media. Silvia shares information, tools and resources to support startups, advanced businesses as well as local businesses worldwide.

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