Pitch Refinery Because The World Needs More Confident Women Who Aren’t Afraid To Do Things They’ve Never Done Before!

by Melissa Pierce

I’ve done a lot of things without having any previous experience, for example, I made a documentary without knowing how to film anything, I built a women in programming school without knowing how to code, and I organized a conference about learning to present well, without being a good presenter. I never learned to be an entrepreneur, I never went to business school, yet, there is no mistake, bootstrapping profitable businesses is in me, and even if I don’t know how to wear them all “just so” I indeed wear all the hats.

Wearing all the hats means that I’ve had to learn to do everything, from accounting to business development, to PR, I done it all, in fact, I’m great at doing… telling people about it, not so much… It seems I’m good at everything but, and not knowing how to reach customers and business partners outside of my own network and I can tell it has been hurting my business. I was pretty shocked when I realized how many entrepreneurs (and even new manager in big corporations) had little or no training on how to talk about what they do, and with so many people choosing to be free agents now that the world is wired, it’s almost imperative that everyone learn how to communicate to a myriad of different kinds of people.

The reason I organized Pitch Refinery was to teach myself how to talk the talk I’ve been walking for years, because I KNOW I can sell myself and my services better than I am now, if only I knew the jargon of the people I was selling to. This September 22nd and 23rd I’m going to be in Chicago learning a variety of communication skills from people who have been there, done that, learned it the hard way and are not going back, because I want to move forward, and I want to be as confident in front of my board or on a stage as I am sitting in my home office. Don’t you? If the answer is yes, I would love for you to come to Pitch Refinery and sit in the front row with me, learn from people like Nilofer Merchant and Tara Hunt who are CEOs of companies and have also presented on TED stages, or from people like Rick Murray and Wendy Widom who run huge offices and know how to pitch their clients and employees as well as negotiate contracts. Practice pitching press with me, practice being interviewed by TV reporters, practice doing promoting your business in ways that scare you to death, because you know that it will make you a better entrepreneur.

Follow this link for half off your admission to Pitch Refinery, because more confident successful women who aren’t afraid to do things they’ve never done before are exactly what this wired world needs. See you in two weeks.



Melissa Pierce: @MelissaPierce Pro Mess Anti Crap. Organizer of @pitchrefinery and @cwdevs, co-founder of @wherewomenare, producer of @lipb and 100s of other less well known good ideas.

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