Reality TV Star @KierraDouglas Empowers Women To Balance Business + Family Through An Active Lifestyle

by Kierra Douglas

Nevermind fancy labels; fitness should be comfortable yet practical right? Kierra Douglas + S2 The Brand have created the ultimate comfort fitness wear to get you moving! Whether for the athletic women, mom, or girl on-the-go,
S2 The Brand follows the latest trends with athletic wear that provides:

  • Synthetic fabrics that “wick” the sweat away from your skin, which help it to evaporate quickly and keep your body cool.
  • Workout clothes that fit your body and the workout that you have planned.
  • Styles that change with the season: hot, cold, or windy weather.

S2 the Brand’s fashionable women apparel was created to foster their brands vision for sisterhood and women empowerment. Kierra Douglas and her sister, Ariel Anderson, created S2 The Brand with a passion for dance, fitness, beauty, and fashion.

While balancing her daughter, husband, and family business Kierra assures she gets at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise each week. With the cold season, most of us would rather be in bed than at the office or working out. It is true that cold weather diminishes the immune system response, but cardiovascular exercise keeps blood supply steady to help immune cells seek and destroy infections.

Kierra shines as a mompreneur and overall BOSS and she wants all women to feel empowered to be active while handling business and family. Kierra was a recent cast member of WAGS Atlanta on E! where she was able to share her life and influence on her family. Every business venture she makes is for the legacy her daughter will get to watch and be inspired by as she grows older.



Kierra Douglas is nothing short of a mom, wife of NFL player Harry Douglas, E! Network WAGS star, Mrs. GA International 2014, former 12-year veteran NFL and NBA dancer, and overall BOSS! Kierra has a degree in marketing and business from Georgia State University, and has used her business skills to foster her passion for dance. At the age of 20-years-old Kierra opened Just Dance Performing Arts, a dance studio that cultivates and builds self-esteem in aspiring young dancers. She serves as the Artistic Director and is an award-winning choreographer. She also co-owns JDS and Arie’i Talent Agency with her mom, Cynthia, and sister, Ariel.

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