Self-esteem or Self-confidence – Which One Makes You a Success?

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3 Replies to “Self-esteem or Self-confidence – Which One Makes You a Success?”

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  2. Gemma W.

    Self-esteem is about mindset. If you were conditioned to have a certain mindset which undermines your self-esteem then yes, go for therapy, do whatever you need to do to change it to a positive mindset. Conditional thinking can be reversed with time and effort. I like to use hypnosis and introspection to achieve that.

    Self-confidence is always undermined by a low self-esteem. So you might fake it until you make it, but faking definitely gets old and transparent at some point, and you won’t make it until you fix your self-esteem issues.

    Source: personal experience.

  3. Jane Perdue

    Ann – I take a little different view on the topic, believing that self-esteem and self-efficacy are the foundations for self-confidence. Self-esteem — believing that you have worth, are competent, deserve to be happy — is an essential ingredient for confidence.

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