Share Your Content

by Shelagh Cummins

You are an expert, an author, a coach, a speaker. You have created loads of content that the world needs to hear. You have content to offer your loyal audience however…  Nobody is listening.

Instead of throwing in the towel, how can you get your content out there? How can you be heard in a very busy internet?


Here are 5 Tips to Help You Share Your Content


1.      Build Your Email List

The gold is in your list.  Why? Let’s use the 80 – 20 rule.

80% of your prospects will hang around and eat up all your freebies. Theoretically, only 20% of your clients will buy from you.  If you are sending your content to 20 people then, on average,  4 people will buy from you.  If you are sending your killer content to 2000 people – you have theoretically increased your sales to 400 people. That is sounding awesome and worthwhile.


2.      SEO

The dreaded 3 letter word. Don’t let it scare you.  Embrace SEO (Search Engine Optimization), don’t fight it. It is in your best interest to learn, or outsource, the SEO for your content. Optimizing your keywords, leveraging your content to make you show up on search engines… that is how you will be heard.


3.      Social Media

If your niche market includes people, then yes, you must be on Social Media.  It helps you establish credibility, makes you visible and approachable… and it is a perfect platform to share your content with new prospects. It baffles me when people feel it is ineffective. It is a poor skier who blames his equipment for not making it down a hill properly.  If your social media marketing is not working – don’t blame the system… revamp your strategy.  Social Media, incidentally is another excellent facet of your business to outsource.  Just sayin’.


4.      Partnerships

Who do you know, who shares a similar sandbox to yours? Who do you know who works with clients in a similar niche to yours? Not a competitor – but an ally. Who can you partner with, to share your content to their list – and they share content with your list. Partnerships are one of the fastest ways to expand your audience in a targeted and systematic order. Be careful who you align yourself with.  Leave partnerships with slippery snake oil sales people to someone else.  Align yourself with someone who has similar values, who will offer your clients a high quality product or service and works at the same level of integrity as you.


5.      Networking

I have said it before, I say it again. If you are in business, you are an expert in your field. People come to you for a solution to their problem.  Your content is one way to share your expertise to help people move closer to a solution. If you aren’t there, getting to know your clients, meeting new prospects, filling your pipeline… then you are missing out on a whole lot of opportunity.




Shelagh Cummins is a Business Trainer and Consultant at, a boutique firm specializing in training and content strategy for women in business. She works with experts, authors, coaches, and speakers – people who have loads of content that the world needs to hear. Shelagh curates, organizes, repurposes and develops materials to offer your loyal audience. She advises on how to package them as perfect solutions by turning knowledge into tools to sell.

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