She had me at “Sh*t”!

I was asked to participate in Sarah Robinson’s “28 Days to Getting Your Sh*t Together” blog series. I was thrilled, I was flattered, I was SCARED TO DEATH! I didn’t have my sh*t together!! So what did I do? I sucked it up and made it happen.

Below is enough of my post to get you started! Visit Sarah’s Escaping Mediocrity blog to read the entire post. While you’re there, check out the other FABULOUS posts and maybe you can get your sh*t together too!

She had me at “Sh*t”!

by: Melissa Stewart | @melissaonline

That was the first thought that came to mind when Sarah asked me to be part of her 28 day blog series. I love Sarah and her authentic, no nonsense (and sometimes snarky) style. When I responded to her request for a bio and link with a panicked tweet about my site not being ready, she promptly shot me a quick DM with “It’s not until February” and in my mind I pictured her rolling her eyes at me. Then and there I decided that I needed to get my sh*t together!

That DM put it all in perspective. I had plenty of time from her vantage point because she is completely unconnected to all my emotional obstacles and personal excuses. She sees it from an outsider’s perspective and knows that 30+ days is more than enough time to have a site up and running. Her viewpoint doesn’t have all my baggage!

Of course, I knew these facts already. After all, one of my all time favorite quotes is:

She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it)”.

It’s from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll and drives home the point that KNOWING and DOING are two completely different verbs indeed!

So with that little non-emergency out of the way I turned to my post. What to write about? How do we get past our roadblocks (both imagined and real)? How do you get out of your own way and into your possibility? How do we get “unstuck”?

I asked this question to some of my fabulous contacts on Twitter: “Name a powerful action step for getting unstuck”. Let me share my crowdsourced wisdom with you:

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Melissa Stewart is a serial entrepreneur who has had a “home office” since age 5. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, addicted to coffee and eternally optimistic. Her latest project is a site committed to empowering women entrepreneurs by offering resources, support and inspiration. @melissaonline

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