3 Sheets of Paper that Changed My Biz by @MelodyeHunter

by Melodye Hunter | Featured Contributor

I’m an entrepreneur like you, I run a boutique marketing firm helping entrepreneurs create websites and online marketing campaigns, plus I have three children, a busy husband, older parents and a dog. My schedule gets hectic!

I used to just have a never ending stream sticky notes, or just write on whatever random sheet of paper was on my desk. But I kept missing important dates and losing important phone numbers. The last straw was when I had to reset my password on my online banking three times in one day because I couldn’t remember the login…again.

I knew it was time to get my butt in gear and get organized. So for the last few years I’ve really gotten my act together. I keep an agenda and I have my Google calendar all tricked out for maximum productivity, I also only use one notebook at a time.

Technology really helps with automating things and giving me reminders and I love it. I’m a techy girl, I create websites, and I love tech tools however I still find that I like a beautiful pen and a nice sheet of paper for planning. So I wanted to share a simple resource. These are the 3 sheets of paper that changed my biz.

1. The Password Keeper

I divide my personal password sheet into 4 Columns: Username, Password, URL and Hints/Notes. Then I group common things together. So all my email addresses are together then money, online banking passwords, pay pal log in, merchant account info etc…

Here are a few sections you may want to include with suggestions to get you started.

  • Money: Online banking info, merchant account, pay pal log in
  • Email: Mailchimp, Google, Yahoo, Hosted
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Website: WordPress, Hosting Account
  • Tools + Resources: Skype, Appointment Scheduler, Bit.ly
  • Affiliate: Any programs and products you promote
  • Essentials: Amazon(for me it is essential) The log in to pay my kids lunch money, Shoe Dazzle

2. Lead Tracker

The second sheet is my Lead Tracker. I keep this little sheet on my desk and whenever someone inquiries about my services I add them.

It includes a space for

  • Lead Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Referral Source
  • Client Request
  • Next Steps

It’s just a great way to organize your follow-up. Every week I print a new sheet and aim to close deals with everyone on the list or schedule them into my calendar for a follow up email or call. Once you start using this tool would be clients will stop falling through the cracks.

3. My project planner

I design websites and online marketing campaigns so I’m often managing multiple client projects. I use Asana for online project management, but again I really like paper and pen to plan then I add it to Asana. My project planner is really basic. I have space for :

  • Client contact info
  • Project Scope, what we’re working on together
  • A list of actionable tasks
  • Space for notes and brainstorming
  • Delegated Tasks and Items I’m waiting on

This makes it very easy to pass things off to a VA or your assistant to input into an online project management system and a neat way for you to organize and manage projects at a glance.

These 3 sheets of paper have helped me organize my business and save me tons of time each week. I’d love to know if you found these tools helpful shoot me a tweet to @melodyehunter and please leave your favorite productivity tools in the comments.

Oh I almost forgot. I made you a little something. Enjoy ♥!


Melodye Hunter is a seasoned website designer and online marketing strategist who empowers savvy entrepreneurs with the tools to stand out online and claim their expert status. Melodye is the author of the forthcoming book 3 Insider Secrets to a Website that Rocks and founder and chief creative officer of personal branding firm, Melodye Hunter Creative Media, where she creates stylish + strategic personal branding websites and online marketing plans for entrepreneurs. Every week Melodye publishes Be Savvy, a free online action guide teaching entrepreneurs how to build their brand with class and

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2 Replies to “3 Sheets of Paper that Changed My Biz by @MelodyeHunter”

  1. Geoff Livingston

    I should totally do the password sheet. Great idea!

  2. Mark Burdette

    Cool article. I wanted to share with you my 3 tools that I use to stay on task and never forget a password. First, I use eWallet to manage and store my passwords. They have a desktop and iPhone app that stays synced in the cloud. Very convenient. Second, I use Highrise to manage my customers, prospects and vendors. Check it out at http://www.highrisehq.com. Lastly, to manage projects I use Basecamp.com. All come with desktop and iPhone apps which allow me to manage my to do’s from anywhere, anytime.

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