5 Social Media Mistakes That Lose Entrepreneurs Money by @ProsperityGal

91801162_b0734ea0fbby Michele Price | Featured Contributor

Entrepreneurs are busy. Entrepreneurs need results. Entrepreneurs can benefit from social media. Let’s make sure you gain the results you planned for, by side stepping these 5 common social media mistakes that lose entrepreneurs money.

Keep from getting pricked by missing one of these components in your social media outreach this year.

No Social Media Strategy

With the agility needed in our fast paced business world, the most common mistake is to run too quickly without proper clarity on how to use social media to cross the finish line.

Social media has the effect of tempting people into making rash choices just to do something fast.

How you answer he following questions will give you insight into whether you have a viable social media strategy:

  •  Do you have a clear direction and purpose for your business’ social media efforts?
  •  What is the scope of your social media efforts?
  • Is the direction you’re taking sustainable long-term?
  • Are you tying your actions back to your business objectives?
  •  Have you identified the needs and expectations of stakeholders?
  • Where will you allocate resources and why?

No Owned Assets

Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are not the gold, silver and bronze medals they appear to be.

They are valuable platforms you can meet and converse with your prospects/consumers.

The bigger issue, are we spending too much of our resources in places we do not own?

Where will you be driving everyone?

What will you do if Facebook or Twitter shuts you down.  (That has happened more times than we want to admit.)

Owning a centralized meeting space is important.  No, it is critical.

Being a lifetime social media renter, means you will miss out big time.  Key benefits of starting conversations in social media is driving measurable results back to your owned properties.

That is the power of real ROI.

No Content Strategy

Would you run a iron man marathon if you had only trained for 5 K run?  Having the wrong resources at your finger tips does not help you if you are running a different race.  The same goes with content strategy.

How does the content you create relate to your business goals?

Are you launching a new product and want to capture attention of people who could use your solution?  How are you talking to their needs with your content?

A stream of the wrong content will kill your chances of sales just as fast as folks never knowing who you are or what you deliver.

  1.  Smart content starts conversations
  2. Those conversations build relationships
  3. Relationships drive ROI

Are you doing a high volume of business with those you do not know or enjoy a strong relationship?

No Commitment

Commitment starts with YOU.

It takes intentional thought, focused action and consistency, to move relationships into sustainability.  What do all of these values have in common?


That also means applied determination.  Are you giving first before you ask for something in return?

Social Media takes work.  None of us have found the social media fairy who will sprinkle her magic dust on our campaigns.

It takes:

  • Planning
  • Gathering buy in
  • Crafting aligned messages
  • Capturing relevant attention
  • Connecting conversations and people
  • Measuring results
  • Tweaking for improved results

…until you hit your mark.

Our advice?  Do the work-the fruits will harvest.

No Human Element

Behind your screen is a real person.  They have dreams, families and feelings.  Do you keep that your first thought when communicating in social media?

Large corporations fall hard because they forget the human element inside their organization.  This happens at a rapid pace.  The internet is the cause for this speed. How will you adapt and keep the human element alive?

Social Media gives you, your brand and your people the ability to make meaningful connections, without having to leave their offices or fly all over the country.

Stop squandering your internal resources. 

It is the nutrients that feed the root of your business tree.

Ask how can we empower our people now?

Are we letting them lead from their values,  tapping into their own personal rocket fuel during conversations?

It is the difference between them parroting your message or feeling personally connected to the person on the other end.

It is how passion and authenticity shine through, being received with an open mind and heart

When your team shows up fully engaged, it gives off that vibe in the social channels, attracting your ideal community.

Those are conversations which will drive meaningful traffic.

Remember to be human first

As EnVogue sang“Free Your Mind The Rest Will Follow”.

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Social Media/Digital Strategist — Michele Price @ProsperityGal – Who Is Michele Price, Houston TX

Michele Price Social Media_Digital StategistMichele Price is the founder and lead strategist at Social Media For Smart People , in Houston, TX. She delivers results for entrepreneurs, startups, C-suite executives by crafting communication strategies that are designed to gain visibility, engage your audience, make a splash, and drive profits. Michele hosts a weekly business radio show, Breakthrough Business Strategies radio, where she produces results for listeners on the topics — Business Success Mindset and Web 2.0 communication strategies.

30 years as an entrepreneur, Michele has been in the “first of” category several times in multiple industries. Being a straight forward, results oriented entrepreneur and speaker is a consistent theme of appreciation from clients and audiences alike.

NO limits mindset in professional and personal life, Michele’s favorite adventures was dog sledding in Montana. Ask Michele about another adventure, where she secured the safety of 35 snowmobilers in Yellow State Park from a herd a Buffalo.


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  1. Barbara Charles

    Good points all. Some people just think jump in and share on social media but don’t recognize there must be a method to the madness. Thank you for these important tips.

    1. Michele Price @ProsperityGal

      Sorry about that Melissa, that was me that replied up there- weird how it logged me in as you.

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