3 Steps to Creating a Magnetic Marketing Message by @MarleeWard

by Marlee Ward  | Featured Contributor

One commonly propagated myth in the marketing world is that consumers’ see upwards of 5000 ads per day. As it turns out that myth is based on a study that not only includes advertising, but every label, postcard mailer, and supermarket end cap you may Magnets_Message_SOIencounter in a day.

However, according to the Consumer Reports Website a more accurate figure is more like 247 ads per day. Now while 247 ads is a far cry from 5000 ads, it’s still too many for us to notice on a daily basis.

So, what do we consumers really notice when it comes to the marketing messages we see?

We notice the ads with the “right” messages. We notice the ads that speak to our own interests, our current desires, and that resonate with our own perceptions.

We notice messages that, to us, are magnetic.

So, when it comes to marketing your products and services your goal should be to create marketing messages to that end.

What follows are three simple steps to help you do it:

I. Everything in marketing starts with knowing your customer.

When I say “know your customer,” I don’t just mean know their age, income, and geographic location.  I mean know what keeps them up at night. Know their needs as it relates to your products and services. Know what matters to them on a deep and personal level.

When you really “know” your customer you can craft marketing messages that attract them to you, because they will instantly identify with those messages. This is how you get your ideal customer’s attention. Once you have their attention, then you need to speak their language.

II. Use your ideal customer’s words in your messaging.

Your ideal customers likely have cultural references, specific lingo, or slang they use on a regular basis. When you communicate with your ideal customers the same way they communicate in their daily life you make your message easier to understand, easier to embrace, and easier for them to share with others.

Describe your products and services with the detail and enthusiasm of an extraordinarily satisfied ideal customer. Talk about the experiences your ideal customers will have because of your products and services just like they would talk about those experiences with their friends. Make them an offer they can understand, and can’t refuse, because it’s exactly how they would make the offer themselves.

III. Share your ideas and values confidently.

Whether you realize it or not you have worldviews and biases that impact the way you see and do business. As a result, these ideas and values probably also have an impact on your products and services. In fact, your ideas and values are probably part of the foundation for why you do what you do.

The question is: Are you sharing these ideas and values, your truth, with your ideal customers in an honest and open manner? Are you telling a story about what you do and why you do it that resonates with your ideal customers? Doing so is the secret sauce in a magnetic marketing message.

In Seth Godin’s book All Marketers Tell Stories, Seth explains that successful marketing is all about telling stories that people are ready and willing to believe. Godin writes, “People don’t want to change their worldview. They like it, they embrace it and they want it to be reinforced.”

When your marketing message, your story, reinforces the worldview of your ideal customer, because it authentically matches your own, that’s when your message takes on a magnetic draw that your most valuable customers won’t be able to resist.

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03142012 Marlee fuji 400H-3_nacweMarlee Ward empowers solo entrepreneurs make more money and serve more people by teaching them how to leverage high-level marketing principles, online tools, multiple income streams, and a success mindset, through personalized coaching programs, online training workshops, and live training seminars.

After practicing law for nearly five years, Marlee left her career as a lawyer to pursue her passion – seeing individuals succeed as entrepreneurs.

With over 10 years experience in marketing, public relations, and new media technologies, Marlee speaks to a variety of industry specific small business in the US.

She’s served as Business Editor of the popular woman’s blog BizChickBlog.com, co-authored Engagement from Scratch! How super-community builders create a loyal audience, and how you can do the same, and was voted “Top 40 under 40” by a Central Florida Magazine

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    Melissa Stewart

    “___% of statistics are made up on the spot” – insert convincing number in the blank! Great article Marlee. I’m listening to Seth Godin’s All Marketers Are Liars on audiobook right now & your post is right on the $$!

  2. Marlee

    Absolutely, Dino! Thank for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Marlee

    Lucy Ball,
    That can be an issue. You may want to do one of three things. Either segment your lifestyle blog into different categories that speak to each of your different targets, create separate blogs for each, or find the common denominators across your different demos and focus on those commonalities. It always feels counter-intuitive to narrow your focus, but it’s always more profitable to do so. 🙂

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