The Sucks List

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2 Replies to “The Sucks List”

  1. Laura Click

    This is great, Erica! It just goes to show how irrational we are about our fears and delegating and letting go. The psychology behind this is really interesting and I love your questions. They do a great job at pointing out our hang ups with delegation.

    So, once you create this sucks list, what do you recommend someone DO with it? Use it to delegate or hire help?

    1. Erica Cosminsky


      Great to “see” you! I suggest three things after you create your sucks list. 1. Identify items that can simply be eliminated. Considering the 80–20 rule, I’m a big fan of removing as much of that 80% that isn’t producing value.
      2. Delegate anything and everything you can from your dislike list. I use a time log tool with my clients as well, and on the time log I have them mark items as Love It, Like It or Hate It so they can prioritize their delegation of regular tasks.
      3. Hire help if you know you are going to continually delegate the same items. Example: I write my newsletters and my VA proofs, formats and sends them for me. I’m perfectly capable of doing it but she does it so much more efficiently that I’m able to use my time for other things like writing.

      Thanks for the great question! Let me know if my long comment raises more! 🙂

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