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The 3Ns of Blog Content Creation by @weblogbetter

by Kiesha Easley | Featured Contributor It’s easy to keep a blog flowing with content if you understand the purpose that each post should serve for its readers.  There are three goals that a blog should aim for to ensure its readers are getting what they came for.  Regardless of niche, a blog should inform, […]

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How to be a content diva by @JenKaneCo

A diva knows that it’s not enough just to sing a song. You need to sell a song — transform it, work it, glue it to the back of your open-mouthed audience’s brain.

Creating good content to market or sell your business is no different.

It’s noisy out there – both online and off. You can’t just push out nice, safe information and education and hope someone notices you.

You need to take your brand over the top and be amazing, irrepressible and powerful.

You need to be a content diva.

Now, to paraphrase the immortal words of Sweet Brown, you may be thinking, “Be a Content Diva? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

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