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From Customer Service to Customer Experience

by Dr. R. Kay Green Good customer service is more than important. It is an integral part of any business’s success. In today’s oversaturated business world, there is simply no room for subpar service, because there will always be another business willing to do the job quicker and more pleasantly. And this is exactly why […]

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3 Lessons in Sales “Aftercare” by @SandraDawes

by Sandra Dawes | Featured Contributor In the last month I’ve had two encounters with sales people that left me a little disappointed. They were both very enthusiastic at the beginning – calling me regularly for follow-ups, offering their help and support to help me make the best decision for me.  Everything was great until […]

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Building Brand Loyalty through Surprise and Delight by @lucyrk78

by Lucy Rendler-Kaplan | Featured Contributor Smart brands know that they are driven by their consumers, that without regular repeat buyers and without reaching new potential consumers, they won’t stay in business for long. Smart marketers know the value of personalized one-on-one relationship building, and that nurturing those relationships requires going above and beyond ‘typical’ […]

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The Worst Customer Service

    After an hour on hold and no help in sight from a big internet service provider, I was ready to cancel my service. A visit to their Facebook page revealed over 300 angry comments from other people who couldn’t get any assistance either. Now that’s bad customer service. But sometimes big companies have […]

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