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4 Pillars of a Civil Society by @SBSLEducSoltns

  The ‘Holidays’ …   … offer entrepreneurs a renewed opportunity to serve, solve, & be civil, especially in hyper competitive industries.   With this mindset, we can ask ourselves a key question:   How can business owners strengthen the pillars of our civil society?   Please think & then brainstorm ways to turn thoughts […]

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Stress Makes A Mess by @SlaterSuccessCC

by Ivy Slater “I can’t handle this.” “I’m over it.” “Today is a lost cause.” “I’m done.” Sentences you’ve uttered? Yeah, me too. No judgement. Stress is a part of our lives. But stress is only as much a part of our lives as we let it. It’s not on our to do list. We […]

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When in Doubt… DANCE it out! by @dancinmoma

by Pamela McCormick | Featured Contributor Can you hear it? No, not the “voice in your head” silly. The Music!! It’s always there within your reach. Everyone has a song or tune that speaks to them, touches their souls and inspires their inner well-being. So… what’s your “signature tune?” You know the one, the song […]

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