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How to host an eco-friendly conference

by Anja Dolphin Each year about 18 billion pounds of plastic enters the world’s ocean. Let that sink in… Our throwaway society is having a serious negative effect on the environment and the only way we can make a change is if individuals and organizations start acting to reduce the amount of plastic and waste […]

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Simple Ways to Green Your Business… And Save Some Green from @rosieMADE

Making efforts to “green” your business not only helps preserve this planet we share, but also shows your customers that your company is committed to doing its part to act responsibly. Additionally, these conservational tips will likely save you some green.

Go paperless. This is easier than ever (thanks, technology). Besides saving trees, going paperless reduces clutter and physical space required for file storage.
• Request e-billing from vendors and utility companies, and offer e-billing to your clients and customers.
• Create PDFs of important documents so you can e-mail information rather than printing and mailing it.
• Converting to an electronic filing system saves reams of paper and, very possibly, your sanity because keyword searches make important files easier to find. However, don’t forget to back up your files on an external hard drive or a secure cloud-based product.

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