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How to Find the Right Vendor for Your Business by @deborahsweeney

Look around your office.

Are you happy with what you see? Or does it look like your business needs a facelift?

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like what we know, and try to avoid needlessly upgrading or changing what we are used to – after spending weeks learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Office ’97, why would you ever want to upgrade? But as technology is constantly evolving through software programs and apps, eventually you’ll have to upgrade from the obsolete software suite installed in all of your company’s computers to a more compatible, updated version. The same goes for the shag carpeting that came with your office building, or company website that hasn’t been updated in five years. Finding a suitable vendor for these needs is an integral part of keeping your business up-to-date, but how do you choose the right one?

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