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Simplify for your sustainable wellbeing by @AnuMeera2024

Simplifying wellbeing for you! We are in the 5th week of year 2021. Research says that almost 70% of people who make fitness resolutions in New Year give up on their resolutions within 5 weeks. Wonder why that happens. It is simple – life gets in the way, the initial euphoria dies and the demands […]

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Learn to say NO with ease! by @AnuMeera2024

by Anu Bhatnagar If you are forever saying yes to all unreasonable demands and tired of doing so, let us take this journey together. Do You Wish You Could Say NO more often with ease and without feeling guilty? Do you feel overwhelmed on regular basis and take up tasks and activities which drain you […]

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I invest “30 minutes a week” in a planner! I save time and avoid decision fatigue by @AnuMeera2024

by Anu Bhatnagar What if I told you that doing a weekly meal planning in 30 minutes saved me from decision fatigue, saved  time, gave me a sense of accomplishment and most importantly helped me plan better nutrition. Here is how I do it: Every Friday morning I set aside 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. […]

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3 Steps To Help Build Your Confidence

by Bernadin Bridges Step 1 – Know Yourself Most importantly, you first need to build a strong sense of who you are. God has made all of us beautiful in a unique way. Find out what makes you unique. Take time to think about your strengths and passions. Write them down and remind yourself of […]

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Hashtags; Networking in Quarantine by @lorisica #launchandfounders

by Lori Sica The Quarantine Trend Most folks in the United States indicate the month of  March as a turning point in the Covid19 pandemic. Other countries were already locked down in quarantine. Schools were closing. Public parks and beaches were off limits.  Some states went into full lockdown, some were in partial lockdown. In […]

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Gig – Sharing – Youpreneur – [Ec]onomy by @SBSLEducSoltns

by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor    ‘Lean in … it’s growing daily.’   As this blog goes live, we find ourselves on a chronological cusp; it’s not just A New Year’s Eve/Day:  it marks an entirely new decade! The 2020’s will bring us untold innovation which’ll make us do double-takes; one trend, though, that […]

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Sometimes Beauty comes with Strangeness by Sue Perez of @Beautyphonics

by Sue Perez | Featured Contributor   Jack O’Lanterns, black cats, flying bats and witches brew. Creepy ghosts, nine legged spiders are some of the things I wish for you. Tasty cookies, frosted candies, chocolate covered dreams in your hands. It’s Halloween again and new makeup trends! Are you ready to play my friends? ( […]

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Stages of Success by @SBSLEducSoltns

[ ‘S o S’ ] = Leveraging Stages to Earn Something More: Significance   Flying @ 35K ft   As entrepreneurs, we’ve often heard how important it is to be successful.   And, as so many of us also know, success is defined in so many different ways, through lots of different life experiences & […]

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Mompreneurs Educating Kids by @SBSLEducSoltns

  So, you’re a mom with a business …   … & you want them to understand your why .    Aspirations   You’re already the CEO, COO, & CFO of your household. Yet, you desire to create a legacy, being remembered as more than just a mom-preneur who provides a product/s, service/s, or specialized knowledge […]

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Leadership’s Many Flavors by @SBSLEducSoltns

Leading from the Front with Four   Ground Floor : Leadership & Management   It’s nearing mid summer in the northern hemisphere; recently, we celebrated national Ice Cream Day! Many have favorite flavors of this delish dessert; this holds true for leadership, too.   Paraphrasing a Supreme Court justice: ‘We know leadership when we see […]

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