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Time = Gold (and … money = silver) by @SBSLEducSoltns

by SJ Barakony | Featured Contributor Putting Productivity ahead of Busy-ness in Business   “I’m so busy!” “How are you? How’s business?  Busy!”   There are mild variants,  yet, the theme is constant: The individual is … say it with me now …. B-u-s-y. Since when did our nation’s backbone, entrepreneurs, decide that this status […]

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How to turn information overwhelm into action by @_ChelleShock

Who among us doesn’t have a pile of books that we’ve read, with little stubs of paper scattered throughout them marking the reallygood stuff? Or pages of notes from conferences, which, after we get home, just kinda languish uselessly in a notebook, growing dust?

But the process of going back through all of that information and turning it into something actually usable can be a major pain. Even if you know that you need to do so to turn your knowledge into action (action that’ll grow your business!), it can be overwhelming when you don’t have a process.

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