Top Tech Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

Tech Gadgets Mom Will Love For Mother’s Day! #VZWBuzz

by Melissa Stewart

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Does your mom tech?

Yes? No? Either way, it’s time to buy a Mother’s Day gift, and we’ve selected an assortment of gadgets that will appeal to Moms of any sort.

Here are a few of our favorites at price points that won’t break the bank:

Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffee Maker

There’s an app for that? Never let your mom get out of her bed without her morning coffee brewing with the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffee Maker. From the touch of an app, she can start brewing her coffee with zero hassle. Take it from this mom, the Smart Optimal Brew is a gift that would make me happy 🙂

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Mom needs a robot! The Jeston’s had one. Maybe the Roomba isn’t quite Rosie the robot maid but it’s still awesome. The Roomba vacuum knows where it’s going at all times thanks to a full suite of navigation sensors. It also has a multi-stage cleaning system and gets to work brushing, suctioning, and agitating floor surfaces to get them as clean as possible. Mom will appreciate getting a break from vacuuming!

Nest Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

This smart thermostat features automatic scheduling and programs itself by learning from its owner. A handy Energy History feature provides details about how much energy has been used and why. Other highlights include Auto-Away, which adjusts the temperature when the house is empty, along with a leaf that appears when an energy-saving temperature is selected. Set up and installation is quick and simple.

Kindle Fire

A tablet

For casual internet perusing, Facebook updating, and game playing, Amazon’s Fire tablet is a tough value to beat.  For the multitasking mom who wants to set up her office anywhere, try Samsung’s TabPro S 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet, which combines a tablet and a laptop. Does mom prefer Apple products? How about Apple’s iPad Air 2, it’s fast, beautiful, and a little more affordable than the newest models.

Kindle Paperwhite

An e-reader

Is mom a book reader? Do books make her happy? Narrow your search and buy a dedicated e-reader. Try the best-selling Kindle Paperwhite with its sharp screen, built-in adjustable light–read day and night, and massive selection of books–over a million titles at $2.99 or less! back me up portable chargerA portable battery

So this doesn’t sound very glamorous but one of these little life savers is something mom will appreciate. If mom’s phone is running out of juice she can extend her phone’s battery life while on-the-go. I received a Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 from Verizon and it’s saved me (and my kids) several times! Two to try are the compact Back Me Up! Mobile Charger and the Anker PowerCore+ 20100.

Amazon Fire TVA media streamer

If Mom’s rocking an older, not-so-smart TV, a media streamer like the Roku Streaming Stick might be the perfect gift. Roku will let her watch just about any show, movie, or video she could want on the big screen. Or how about Amazon’s Fire TV with excellent parental controls, great support and the ability to work with tricky hotel and dorm-room Wi-Fi systems. Lot’s of great choices and mom will thank you!

Amazon EchoAmazon Echo

Mom needs a personal assistant! Amazon Echo is a fun gadget that fills the room with immersive, 360º omni-directional audio and allows for hands-free controls. It can even detect commands from far away thanks to far-field voice recognition. In addition to answering questions and reporting the weather, the Echo can be used for other tasks such as providing info on local businesses and even reading audio books.



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