The Messenger Gets The Message. by @LoreaSample


by Lorea M. Sample | Featured Contributor 

Recently I discovered something that all authentic, intentional leaders will experience at some point in their journey of leading: The Messenger Gets The Message. What does this mean? How does it happen? Why does it matter? WELL, I’m so super psyched that you asked!

What does this mean?

When a message come to someone, the intent is for that person (The Messenger) to communicate it. If you are a leader, and most people are in some respect, you are given the responsibility to share the message for the betterment of the people that you are leading. This is definitely an exciting thing; a hard thing; a necessary thing. There are several examples throughout history when a message came to a messenger and they had to deliver a tough truth. I mean, can you imagine the first sibling in history that had to deliver the message to their other siblings that their parents were actually the ones putting those gifts under the tree and not that over-weight guy that wore red all of the time?! Oh, the humanity! It’s tough being a messenger, but hey, someone has to do it and we should all be honored when we’ve been chosen for the call of duty!

How does it happen?

Living life can be a doozy. You learn so many things, good and bad, along the way to self discovery. Yet, among the many things that we learn, there’s always one thing that seems to stand out more than all the other “things”. I’ll take myself for instance, my “thing” is unworthiness. The reason why I’ve been the Messenger of UNlearning UNworthiness(TM) is because unworthiness reigned in my life for decades. Your message comes to you be way of your life’s struggle. That one thing that at one point in time kept you stuck, busted, disgusted, suicidal, depressed, hopeless, etc., is either directly connected to, or is, your message. It comes by experience.

Why does it matter?

This importance of the Messenger Getting the Message is that without him/her intimately experiencing a pain, a hurt or a struggle they will not be effective with communicating that there is light at the end of that dark tunnel. How can I tell you how to heal from a divorce, if I’ve never been marred and divorced? Nah…..I can’t. You would not buy what I was selling no matter how pretty I packaged it or how affordable I made the pricing. When a Messenger gets a Message it comes with an assignment to share and lead other people by way of empowerment, instruction and/or healing. Although the Messenger gets the Message, once they’ve learned how to overcome the bad of it they discover that it comes to heal them first and serves a gift and reminder of their humanity and the beauty of vulnerability. It’s something that is so joyous that you want to share it with others!

I encourage whoever is reading to refrain from despising your “struggle” in life, especially if you’ve overcome it, because you were intentionally chosen to share it to empower, instruct and/or heal others to live a life full of joy, peace and love. Get the message?




Lorea SampleLorea M. Sample: The 411?: Grew up in Philadelphia, PA and now reside in Columbia, SC. In 2001 by a miracle, but mainly perseverance, I graduated from Clemson University and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. By day I’m an Engineer with a 10+ year career in Environmental Engineering BUT by PURPOSE I’m a Speaker & Entrepreneur in the Business of Worthiness with the mission to empower women of influence to get unstuck and accomplish more in life by UNlearning UNworthinessTM. A lot of things are learned but I help women live the UNlearned LifeTM through Speaking, Coaching, Events & Storytelling. I love kickboxing training (I’m dangerous!), running (well, kinda like jogging-walking-jogging), crocheting, participating in my local church and playing with my puppy-child, Alex, my adorable 5 year old yorkie-poo! If you wanna see how I roll on the regular, check me out on:

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