The UNcomforts of Time by @LoreaSample

Pic_304Let’s get one thing clear: Time waits for no one. Time is very selfish. It speeds up with it wants to and slows down when it wants. We can all agree that Father Time aint loyal. Since we know this, why do we feel so secure with time? Secure in the thought that we “have” time and that it’ll always be there for us; that it was bend in our favor when we desire. This can become loudly evident during times of loss.

We’re in the thick of the holiday season and I can say that there are a good amount of people I know that have lossed loved ones, including myself. The week before Thanksgiving (2015), while I was literally in the hospital, on the operation table having major surgery, my father passed away from his fight with cancer. Just like that, I went to sleep under anesthesia and at the same time my father entered into his eternal rest. The last time that I saw him, which was just 4 days prior, was the last time that I would ever see or talk to him, but I didn’t know that. No one ever knows when the last time will be the last time for anything, but we somehow go through life believing that we automatically “have” time. This experience has obviously made me more sensitive to how much time we truly lack.

2016 is virtually around the corner looking at us like, “Hey, what’s up?!” and some of us are still contemplating our next move or ever worse, not contemplating at all. Time comes with it’s UNcomforts, but I believe that it’s intentional. Those feelings serve as alarms to constantly remind you that you must do what you must do, NOW! Do what? Your life’s work, your service and legacy to your community, living in your purpose. They train you to become sensitive to time and to always act with a sense of urgency. What you do, or do not do, with the time you’re given affects not only you but generations and is perpetual.

What I want you to know is that it’s perfectly fine to feel the UNcomforts of time. What I don’t want you to feel is what happens when time runs out and you failed to take action, to conquer your fear, to let go. Guilt and regret are not feelings that you can easily bypass once it becomes clear that things are final, opportunities have passed, and grace periods are up. Give yourself the gift of action and tell the ones you love that you love them, write the book that one day may save someone’s life, or start that support group for those who are having difficulty dealing with the loss of a parent. Let the UNcomforts of time guide you in your purpose for being here in service to mankind.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!




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