7 Take Aways From The Barefoot Exec’s Radical Results Road Trip

by Melissa Stewart
Back in August I was lucky enough to meet Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, at her Radical Result’s Road Trip in Nashville, TN. Carrie is an amazing entrepreneur, speaker and author. If you haven’t picked up a copy of her new book The Barefoot Executive, you’re missing out! I’ve learned so much from Carrie but here are a few of my favorite “take aways” from her Radical Results Road Trip:
  1. Make more, give more, live more. Carrie shared this powerful statement at the beginning to sum up why she does what she does. I think it’s pretty self explanatory!
  2. You are not your own demographic. Have you ever thought “but I wouldn’t” when in FACT millions of people do? Just because YOU wouldn’t doesn’t mean THEY won’t. Know your market!
  3. Tell them what to do! This is an oh so simple and oh so critical step that many overlook. If you want something, ask for it! Make it simple. Make an offer. TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO!
  4. List building is like bathing. You are never done. Carrie quoted Zig Ziglar on this one “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Again, self explanatory!
  5. You are your brand. This was part of John Morgan’s presentation. John, the self described “Chuck Norris of Branding” is a wealth of knowledge and very entertaining! I highly recommend his new book Brand Against the Machine!
  6. They can copy your product, your site, but they can’t copy you. Another valuable tip from John Morgan. Build your brand, your reputation and be uniquely you! When you build your list and develop relationships, trusts and loyal fans, they will  follow you! They will be loyal to you!
  7. Don’t forget your shareholders. Carrie made this excellent point. Don’t forget your “shareholders” the people (family, friends and even the critters) who hold stock in you! Build your business but not at the expense of your most valuable assets.

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One Reply to “7 Take Aways From The Barefoot Exec’s Radical Results Road Trip”

  1. Devin McIntyre

    Hi Melissa, great post!

    Your point “They can copy your product, your site, but they can’t copy you” really resonated with me.

    It’s so true in so many ways. As a journalism student, and hopefully a future member of the media, I’m realizing that more and more the public needs to connect with a business or reporter or athlete on a personal level. This is why being able to portray yourself online in an engaging, interesting and appropriate manner is so important. Someone else may have the same skill set as me, but if (as a reporter) I can use Twitter or a blog to release some of my personality I’ll be able to build a reliable base of readers who like me.

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