Three Easy Steps to Increase Your Brand’s Value by @FRSHstudio

by Alex Chennault

As an entrepreneur, you have one ultimate goal: to grow your business to it’s fullest potential. While there are more ways to achieve this today than ever before, it’s important to do so with clear purpose and intent. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to get started:

1. Provide an exceptional experience for the consumer.
Whether it’s ensuring your website is easy and intuitive to use, or sending out handwritten thank you notes after a project is wrapped up, going the extra mile is what is going to set you apart from your toughest competitors. The few minutes you take to show that you care are worth their weight in gold.

2. Meet a specific need.
The number one reason consumers purchase services or products is they are looking to satisfy a need. In order to be successful, you must somehow meet this need. By meeting that need, you make their life a little better and create a positive association with your brand for the consumer. No matter how powerful the marketing strategy, it will never out perform that positive association and simply making the consumer’s life better.

3. Be authentic.
Honesty and transparency are the currencies of the digital age. Consumers are inherently suspicious of online marketing(and rightfully so..) which is why you must go above and beyond with being true to your brand and transparent as possible. Lying and using deceptive practices won’t simply hurt your brand, it will make it irrelevant.


Alex Chennault is a creative branding and business strategist for women solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners. FRSH Studio specializes in Brand reFRSH, which entails everything from custom logo and web design, to social media branding, to hands-on guidance on how to maximize your new brand.

You can connect with Alex at her blog, or on Facebook and Twitter.


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