Three List Building Secrets that Define Online Success

by Silvia Pencak

In today’s largely virtual marketplace, advertising has taken on a whole new dynamic.  The top online entrepreneurs have put the puzzle together, maximizing both search engine exposure and customer retention.  One very powerful way that these successful business owners accomplish this feat is through the building of large, targeted email lists.  But a targeted list of email subscribers doesn’t just happen through luck or good fortune; it has to be built, piece by piece (or email by email) through targeted marketing strategies that make people want to continually receive information from you.  Here are three list-building secrets of the most successful online marketers.


1. Give them Something Good

The first of our list-building secrets lies in the creation of the website itself.  Without engaging on-page content to capture your visitors’ attention and give them the impression that they can benefit in some way from what you have offered, all the marketing strategies in the world won’t do you much good.  So, first, spend some time ensuring that your website is not only aesthetically appealing but also that it contains content that will pique your readers’ interest and encourage them to explore all that you have to offer.  Do this, and they’ll be interested in learning what other information on the subject you might be able to provide, which opens the door to additional list-building secrets in this same category.

Once you’ve captured your visitors’ attention in this way, it’s easy to get them to subscribe to your list by offering additional information through newsletters, free reports, etc.  Again, take time to ensure that these “freebies” provide some kind of value to your subscribers.  This will result in a high rate of retention which, over time, translates to increased sales.


2. Effective SEO Techniques

Once you’ve ensured that your website is up to par with high-quality content and visual appeal, it’s time to get out there and start introducing yourself to new potential subscribers.  In order for interested parties to find your website, you need to achieve a high rank with the search engines.  In that sense, effective SEO techniques have a lot to do with successful list-building secrets.  Educate yourself on link building, article marketing, SEO content creation, blogging, forums, and guest posting with other, related websites in your market niche.  All this might seem like a lot to learn right at first, but the actual application of these SEO techniques is relatively simple and well worth the effort for the additional website traffic they can produce.


3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing (also known as SMM) is another essential component of successful list-building secrets.  By establishing a solid, friendly, accessible social media presence, your business has the ability to freely share information.  This is an ideal platform for content distribution, including backlinks to your official website.    The more valuable and interesting your fan base finds your social media posts, the more they will be willing to subscribe to your email list in order to continue receiving the information you provide.



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