Three Things Every Business Woman Can Learn from Fashion by @BohmeBoutique1

by Fernanda Bohme | Featured Contributor

It’s February, which means for the fashion world, spring is already upon us. Stores are filling with the latest trends, including printed jeans complete with florals, polka dots, paisleys and geometrics. It seems the traditional blue jean has been swept aside in the last couple of years for everything from bright pink jeggings to printed leggings. Of course, traditional jeans in all shapes and sizes can still be found.

What is it business women can learn from the ever evolving blue jean? It’s that no matter what the latest jean trend is, jeans are here to stay. They are a staple of everyone’s life, and the manufacturers have learned to adapt to changing cultures while keeping their product at the top of the market, which leads me to the three things mentioned in the title.


1. Learn the True Benefit of Your Product

Why do we keep purchasing blue jeans? Is it because they offer regular trends to make us feel fashionable? For some it could be, but for most blue jeans offer a secure, comfortable and attractive clothing option. We purchase different brands based on our body type, age or personality, but ultimately jean wearers enjoy the basic function of the product.

Likewise, whatever product or service your business sales, should serve to fulfill a need or underlying desire your customers have. Discovering what this is requires time, research and patience, but hitting on that big idea can steer your business to a hundred years of success, like the blue jean, rather than floundering and disappearing within five years.

2. Learn to Adapt

My line of boutique clothing stores would not have been as successful as they are, if I was not willing to adapt to a changing culture and trends. I constantly adjust the product I offer with each season and with each new fashion trend. Not every industry moves as quickly as fashion, but all businesses are affected in some way by a changing culture and business landscape. Be it creating a social media plan, offering an app or online services or adapting a business model to changing customer needs, a thriving business must learn to adapt well to its environment.

3. Be More than a Trend

In fashion, new items are never new for long, so every member of the industry from the designers to the retail stores has to become something more than the trendy clothes they create or sell. They have to give people a reason to keep coming back. The same goes for every new business. Many people will try a product because it’s new or there’s a special deal on it, but in the end, the business has to keep bringing customers back by finding that niche that sets them apart from everyone else.


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