Time for the business model you REALLY want

by Ali Katz

Is it possible you’ve built your business on a model that is out of alignment with your entrepreneurial archetype or that you are on your way to doing just that?

How would you know?

If you are “doing all the right things”, but experiencing the frustration of success eluding you, or you have success, but it feels empty and unfulfilling, even if it’s financially lucrative, there’s a good chance you’re on the wrong business path.

As we move into a new economic era, there will be little more important to your well-being and joy than aligning your income with the truth of who you really are.

When your income model is aligned with the truth of who you really are, you will find your way and be totally supported no matter what happens in the global economy.

If you’ve ever thought, “It’s got to be easier than this”… you are right. It’s time to reclaim what’s yours.

Freedom. Sovereignty. 100% certainty that you are on the right path.

The ability to chart your own course for your life and business in a way that doesn’t compromise anything. not. one. thing.

The ability to respond to opportunities in a split second, because you KNOW why you are here, what your business model is, and how to build it step by step to the success that is truly in alignment with who you are.

The real economy (the one we are transitioning into) isn’t about having a 7-figure business because that’s what it means to be successful.  It’s about creating a sovereign revenue stream, one you can count on to take care of yourself and your family, no matter what.

If you are SERIOUS about transforming your life by building a totally aligned business model (with one or more sovereign revenue streams) around your Great Work and your unique entrepreneurial archetype in this time of great transition and change, then I would love to hear from you.

Don’t worry, it’s early enough in the day for you to still get out and celebrate.  Only the people who are most ready for a shift will be there.

Ali Katz is a truth-telling lawyer, evolutionary strategist and is known as a Business Priestess for her ability to see beyond what your blind spots to the work you are here to offer the world.  All before the age of 35, Alexis quickly scaled the ranks of traditional “successful” entrepreneurship, built multiple million-dollar entrepreneurial endeavors, wrote a best-selling book, and appeared on numerous top-rated television shows, all while raising her two children as a single mother.  After an awakening in 2009, Alexis has devoted her life to pinpointing which of the old systems and structures are worth keeping, while discovering and creating more effective, sustainable models that support us in realizing our full potential within a shifting economic system.  She is now working on her 2nd book, “You Are Not Your Credit Score: Myths, Lies, and Legends About Money, Debt and the Credit System Keeping You From Living Your Dream Life Right Now.”

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