6 Tips To Boost Rapport With Someone You’ve Never Met: Turn a Cold Website Lead Into a Burning Hot Potential Client

3799106988_b8f0d001f4_mby Erica Wiley | Featured Contributor

I have been to more networking events than I can recall, but what I never forget, is the event I went to where one particular man would interrupt conversations to interject what he did and all about his business. Then he handed out his business cards and would abruptly leave. I looked around at the people I had been in conversation with and they were flat out perplexed by this bizarre behavior.

This might make you uncomfortable or even upset, but I’m telling you that the About page that states a name, dry credentials and “me” focused description of the business is absolutely no different than that rude man at that networking event.

Last month we talked about beginning the sales process through your website navigation. Introduce your visitor to the website, confirm you can help them and guide them to the next step. The next step in the sales process is building rapport; generally in website navigation this includes About page(s).

Grab a pen and paper because I’m going to share 6 tips to boost rapport with someone you’ve never met and turn a cold website lead into a burning hot potential client.

  • Introduce yourself. Many small business websites don’t convert simply because they don’t introduce themselves. We live in a social commerce age where people want to buy from people. Yes, your business needs a legitimate legal identity, but that does not excuse you from introducing the face behind the company. Action Step: Write your About page in 1st person, including your name and role.
  • Qualify yourself.  Dry credentials do not set you apart. However, it is crucial you instill confidence in your readers that you are indeed qualified to help them.Action Step: Share your Unique Selling Point(USP), explaining to your potential client your position or approach in your field and why you are passionate about this stance. Bonus: Place logos with links to articles you have been featured in on your header, sidebar or footer. Social proof is also very powerful; include social media testimonials on your webpages.
  • Share your cause. In April 2012, Stephen Dubner, economist of popular blog and book, Freakonomics, did a podcast about the benefit of Corporate Citizenship on a company’s bottom-line. [1] Similarly, Cone Communications provided a stat based on 1 of their research studies that 83% of Americans want brands to support causes.[2] That is outstanding! Cause Marketing is not manipulative. Your potential buyers want you to support a cause. They are more likely to buy from you if you do.      Action Step: Support a cause you are passionate about profit through your business and openly share it with your target market. I advise you to approach the organization first and ask permission before using their logo or materials in any of your website or marketing content.

Applying these 6 tips will allow you to connect meaningfully with someone you’ve never met and convert them into a burning hot lead who is eager to work with you because they know who you are, that your methodology qualifies you to help them and that in choosing to buy from you, they are also participating in creating greater good. 

Complete these steps in the next 3 days and share then your results with me below or on facebook. Remember I am here to answer questions. I want you to be prepared for the next step, educating your website visitors to buy.

Bonus: Use photos and photo-based social media platforms, like instagram, to create a more personable connection with your target market. It is especially valuable in conveying sincerity about the causes your support.


[1] http://www.freakonomics.com/2012/04/19/is-good-corporate-citizenship-also-good-for-the-bottom-line/

[2] http://www.conecomm.com/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/4303

Photo Credit: The Cliffs Apartments via Compfight cc

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    Great post: insightful and so helpful for women business owners!

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      Thanks for the compliment, Suzanna! I’m so glad you found value in it. Would love to hear if there was something specific that stood out to you.

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