3 Tips for Balancing Entrepreneurship & Parenthood

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3 Replies to “3 Tips for Balancing Entrepreneurship & Parenthood”

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  2. Lynn @ more4mums

    It is nearly impossible to be really productive with a toddler around, I found !
    I used to set mine up with a little desk and paper, pencils, books etc and get them to do some “work” as well. This would usually let me check emails etc.
    I saved the dreaded cbeebies for when I needed to make phone calls etc. I never had it on in the background all day, just put it on as a treat, tuck them up with a blanket and they would usually watch 1 or 2 programmes before they got bored.
    Good luck, it does get easier as they get older.

  3. Ian Kuhn

    Was wondering if you had any tips for the Stay at Home parent of the younger, toddler set. The ones that no matter how much you tell them, “Daddy needs to work for a few minutes,” will always need/want your attention? I asked my uncle, also a photog, what he did when his two boys were little, and his advice was, “Build a darkroom. Hide in it.” While amusing, that advice doesn’t help me with my little guy.

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