10 Tips to Increase Your Networking Skills

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5 Replies to “10 Tips to Increase Your Networking Skills”

  1. Vicki Donlan

    Networking is about following up…walking your talk….helping someone achieve their goals so you can achieve yours. There is too much talk about networking and not enough honest networking going on. It isn’t strategic ..it’s honesty..the desire to help someone else get what they need..being the go-to person, the resource that everyone needs..that’s when networking pays off. Be honest and caring — you must give to get…and don ‘t expect immediate returns!

  2. Sebunya Robert

    Really powerful insights!!. Thank u so much

  3. elizbeth traub

    I have to admit that networking online produces challenges I have never faced. I love people, love to ask questions and hear their stories. I can read and discern people fairly quickly and I can understand why it takes longer for someone to trust in me online networking. It takes me longer too. I have always been an opportunist by nature and believe me the business cards never got dropped in a drawer. These are great tips. It’s nice to have so many who have gone before me to knock out ten things I could be considering. Thanks, Elizabeth

  4. Agatha K, The Fun Money Nerd

    Love this and agree on all points! Networking is about building trust and MUTUALLY beneficial relationships. And also about following up! Whenever I go to an event I go through all those cards I collected and schedule a coffee with all the people I can see a mutual alignment with…and I always reach out to them no longer than 48 hours after the event. Otherwise people forget about the event & you.

    1. admin

      Thanks Agatha! Glad you enjoyed!!

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