5 Truths About What it Takes to Go PRO by @Steph_Pollock

by Stephanie Pollock

shutterstock_17442115You’ve wondered right?

You’ve searched online, purchased a few programs and maybe asked a few close peers, hoping to find THE answer.

The magic answer to the million dollar question:

What does it really take to be successful as an entrepreneur?

You may already have a few pieces working together well but what you’re really wondering is, “How do I go from just getting by to truly thriving?”

It’s a question most entrepreneurs ask at some point. While the myth of the overnight success story still pervades the online hallways, most entrepreneurs go through a period of struggle before they hit their own tipping point.

And while there is no magic answer, there are a few fundamental truths about what it takes to succeed in business – no matter what your business.

The 5 Truths of Going PRO

1. Your business foundation must be solid

To build a thriving, profitable business you must have a solid foundation. Just like a house, if you build it on toothpicks versus 2-by-4’s, your risk of collapsing is much greater. Every business foundation consists of these critical pieces:

●        Who you serve (your ideal client/customer)

●        What you do

●        Why you do it

●        How you’re different (your USP)

●        Your P.O.V. (what your company stands for)

●        Your vision for the company

If these pieces aren’t in place, allocate some focused time to work on them. All the marketing and offers in the world won’t bring you the success you desire if you haven’t done the work here first.

2. Your business model must support your lifestyle

Having a profit-driven business model that supports the lifestyle you want to create is crucial. All too often, entrepreneurs find themselves trapped in a time-for-money cycle, working six days a week with none of the freedom or flexibility they yearned for when they started their business. Your business is designed to serve you – not the other way around, so create a model that is sustainable, profitable and scalable!

Get clear on what your ideal lifestyle is, and then reverse-engineer your business model to support it. It doesn’t happen the other way around – I promise!

3. You begin as though you wish to continue

Whether it’s your business model, the offers you make, the hours you keep, the clients you take or the projects you say yes to – smart, successful entrepreneurs make decisions based on what will support their company (and them) long-term.

Ask yourself this one potent question whenever you’re in analysis-paralysis about what to do next, “If I could set this up exactly the way I want, what would it look like?” From this level of inquiry, you’ll be much more apt to pursue a path that will nourish you (and your business) over the long haul.

4. You actively work to get out of your own way

One of the biggest barriers to success is self-sabotage. From procrastination to perfectionism to fear to over-thinking – we all get in our own way at times. Successful people aren’t perfect, they just intuitively know that they simply can’t get where they want to go if they’re letting fear and self-doubt stay in control.

If your inner critic is taking up residence in your business psyche – call for a cease and desist. Do whatever it takes to change your thinking so you can get back to what matters most.

5. You embrace experimentation and failure

It’s a misnomer to believe that successful companies are those that don’t fail. In fact, the opposite is true. Thriving businesses are confident enough to try new things, test, tweak and even fail, until the right combo of strategies are in place. They don’t give up and continue to refine until it works.

Today’s challenge: identify one new thing you can test out in your business and give it a whirl, without any judgment on whether it works or not. Notice what works and what doesn’t and refine from there.

The REAL truth is that going PRO is within everyone’s reach. If you want it, make the decision to go out there and actively CLAIM it! Adhere to these five truths, and you’ll be well on your way to building your empire-in-the-making.

GOING PRO is a mindset, a personal commitment, and a business revolution.

You in?



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One Reply to “5 Truths About What it Takes to Go PRO by @Steph_Pollock”

  1. Stacie

    LOVE this post! First, good to know I’ve been doing things the right way in scheduling my business into my life where I want it to be vs making the business my whole life and trying to fit “life” in around it.

    “4. You actively work to get out of your own way” <- THIS is what I'm really working on right now. For so long, I told myself I didn't have anything of value to offer. I didn't know anything people couldn't get free somewhere so I couldn't charge for it. I'm slowly, but surely, beginning to realize those thoughts are wrong. I do have skills and knowledge of value that people would gladly pay for so they DON'T have to figure it out/do it all by themselves!

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