The Value of Conscious Networking – Are You Paying Attention?

by Gina Bell


“You are one connection away from being able to change your life.” ~ Larry Bennett


So often we hear stories of chance meetings and “million dollar connections”. And it’s absolutely true that you never know WHO will open the door to your biggest, most exciting opportunities.

Connecting with others in meaningful ways certainly paves the way for life changing relationships.

The question is… Are you paying attention?

I believe that “Conscious networking” is essential to making meaningful (even million dollar) connections.

Today, more than ever before, it’s essential that entrepreneurs not just develop but also leverage their networking skills.

When the economy thrives the focus tends to be on financial capital, financial equity, physical assets, etc… it’s a lot easier to access funding through a bank or investors – agree?

But, during times of economic uncertainty… purse strings are tightened, access to financial support is limited or non-existent. All of a sudden the same assets and equity no longer have the same degree of leverage.

What entrepreneurs often don’t realize is that relationships and the social equity that develops as a result have a direct reflection on financial capital.

Surrounding yourself with a network of people who really care about your success is like having an insurance policy for success – regardless of the economy.

Why? Because this network, your community will provide strategic introductions, referrals, information, advice and more… all of which can have a dramatic financial result far beyond any predictable benefit.

So, have you started paying attention to your network yet?

Do you have a follow up keep in touch plan?

Are you staying visible?

Are you memorable?

Are you adding value and increase to others in your community? (This applies to online and offline networks).

It’s never too late to start.

Action Tip: Identify two people that you know who should meet based on mutual interest or mutual goals.

Introduce them and tell them why you think they should connect – who knows, you may set the stage for their “million dollar connection”.

And before you go, I’m curious. What surprising benefits have you enjoyed by paying attention to your network. Do tell…




Gina Bell: It’s my joy to teach entrepreneurial go-getters how to grow freedom-rich businesses that elevate lifestyle, expand possibility, and influence everyone they touch.

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One Reply to “The Value of Conscious Networking – Are You Paying Attention?”

  1. Sean Clark

    “Surrounding yourself with a network of people who really care about your success is like having an insurance policy for success – regardless of the economy.” – This is just so true, the buzz created from positive people is such a plus.

    As long as you put in the work it’s almost harder to not succeed. This is why I like working with clients that want to figure out how things work. Not just want it all done for them.

    These kind of people excite the senses and open up new opportunities.

    You know it applies to the blogs you read too…;)


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