Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 from Verizon #VZWLife #VZWBuzz


by Melissa Stewart

It was a dark and stormy night, thank God I had my new toy from Verizon Wireless and my fabulous friends at #VZWBuzz #VZWLife!

In exchange for an honest review, I got to try out the Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000. Lucky me!

From the moment I unboxed it at the office, I was in love, friends were jealous, and I knew life was about to get easier. I’m on my phone A LOT and not having to worry about finding an outlet to recharge is liberating. The ability to charge two devices at a time is a life saver!

Some Features To Note:

  • Pop one in your pocket – or your bag – and get instant, portable power wherever you are.
  • The Slim 4000 charges the average smartphone battery up to 2 times* and is powerful enough to charge your tablet.
  • Universal charging for Android™-powered devices and more with attached micro USB cable.
  • Charge your phone and a friend’s phone at the same time.
  • Charge your power pack and your phone at the same time.
  • Certified CarbonFree® design, materials and packaging keep you – and your power pack – green.
  • 4 LEDs let you know how much power is left in the charger.

*Based on a 1500mAh average smartphone battery with at least 10% remaining battery life.

Power Pack Slim 4000In order to provide an accurate review, I’ve tested my Power Pack Slim 4000 multiple times and have not been disappointed once. Once fully charged  it seems to just keep going and going and going. According to the box it “holds a charge for years” and I believe it (but I’m not going to test it because I can’t stop using it)!

Another thing I love is the the size, it’s slim enough that I can plug in my Droid Ultra and then slip both the Power Pack Slim and the Droid Ultra into the side pocket of my purse!

Bottom line, the Power Pack Slim 4000 packs a punch in a slim package providing peace of mind and freedom to travel without worry.

The Motorola Power Pack  can be purchased from Verizon Wireless.

*Our team members are occasionally given free products in order to test them and give their own personal opinions about them. The opinions that are shared within each product review on this site are those of the reviewer and were not influenced by the company, monetary compensation, or the free product provided to them in any way.

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2 Replies to “Motorola Power Pack Slim 4000 from Verizon #VZWLife #VZWBuzz”

  1. Robyn Wright

    I love that the charge holds for so long too! So easy to just keep in my purse, and light enough too!

  2. Judy Yaron PhD

    Very convincing! Something I would definitely love to have for my tablet especially on LONG flights!

    Thanks, Melissa 🙂
    HUGS <3

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