A Vibrant Life: 3 Reasons Why Taking a Risk May Be What You Need



by Erin Giles

When was the last time you took a risk? I’m talking bundles of nerves, a tribe of butterflies in your stomach, and sweaty palms. Taking a risk can be exuberating + frightening all at the same time but it may be just what you need to get your mojo back. Maybe you have been debating on a new turn for your business or starting a new one all together. Whatever the risk is that you have been holding back on, listen up, because I’m going to break down how taking a risk will wake you up + cause you to feel more vibrant, productive, and passionate.


Truly Wake Up

Taking risks is exhilarating.  It will wake you up out of your everyday routine and slap you in the face with a glass of proactive green juice. It will show you that you can and you just did conquer your fear. When I put my two weeks in at my day job to come home and start my business full time I was all kinds of anxious. I was leaving security, insurance, retirement and paid holidays. But that is one risk I would take every single day because it woke me up when I conquered my fears.


Get Your Mojo Back

When you face your fears and rediscover your buried passions and strengths you suddenly come to the realization that you’ve got it goin’ on! You enter into self-discovery mode causing new insight to arise about what kind of person you really are when the going gets tough. I think you can agree when all this positive self-love energy is flowing, you’ll be feeling more vibrant than ever before.


Amp Your Productivity

When taking risks, you must have the desired outcome in the forefront of your mind causing you to amp your productivity. When your focus is heavily weighed on such an important next step, goals are necessary, and following them through is even more imperative. I’m not anywhere near perfect, I certainly haven’t always been the queen of following through, but with every big risk I have taken, my priorities and productivity have had to line up in order for my desired outcome to come to fruition.


Rouse Your Passion

When you decide to put your big girl panties on and take that risk you remind yourself of what you stand for and what you are born to do. Thus passion is presented to you once again after who knows how long. Your passion is roused and you suddenly find yourself talking for hours, brainstorming, and daydreaming.


I encourage you to look at the risk you have been pondering long and hard. I admit risks are frightening, mainly because you are exposing yourself to the chance of a bad result of your decision. Heavily weigh your options and recognize the fear. Perhaps you’re reading this and you know without a doubt that this is a step you are ready to take. You want to be awakened, productive, and passionate again. I am here to tell you I have done it, and although I don’t know what will come next the awakening I have experienced is worth doing it 100 times over.

Have you been contemplating taking a big risk or have you taken one recently? I would love you to share it with me in the comments below, I’m all ears.

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5 Replies to “A Vibrant Life: 3 Reasons Why Taking a Risk May Be What You Need”

  1. Meg Ringrose

    P.S Love your hair!!!

  2. Meg Ringrose

    Yeah I guess taking risks does ignite your passion.
    Might just be the kick start I’ve been looking for
    Great article thanks!

  3. Amanda

    Mojo, baby. Mojo is the biggest reason for me to take this enormous risk of a biznez pivot. Because yum. And shiver. (Great article, lovely!)

  4. Erin Giles

    Congrats Susan!

  5. Susan Ekins

    I signed up to be a Team Captain for the capital campaign for my Church. This will entail phone calls and live visits to ask parishioners to donate. For me, this is a big risk, but I really like my Church. A benefit to me is that this will be good practice for the day when I’m asking people to buy my services. I’m hoping to start a business soon.

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