3 Ways to Gather Social Proof for a NEW Product or Program by @GinaBell

MP900385550by Gina Bell  | Featured Contributor

So, you have a new product or program to launch and you’re working on the sales page? That’s exciting!

Until you realize…

Whether you’re using a copy writing template, a sales page checklist or your swipe files to model sales pages you love, there’s one essential element that can stop you in your tracks…


When it comes to a brand new offering – you just don’t have them – YET.

Not to worry! Here are four types of social proof you can use UNTIL you can gather specific testimonials to your new offer…

1. Testimonials about what it’s like to work with you.

Kind words about YOU paint a picture of what it will be like for others to work with you too. These kinds of testimonials are just as powerful as the results-driven ones – sometimes more so!

2. Testimonials that focus on results achieved from other programs you offer.

Your ability to help your clients get results regardless of the specific program or service builds a bridge of trust that you’ll do the same with each new offering. This is why it’s vital to share the cool things your clients are doing as a result of your advice.

3. Quotes from leading experts that corroborate your claim or method.

It’s one thing for you to say X, it’s another thing entirely when your community hears another renowned expert say X too.

When your audience hears the same advice from multiple sources it strengthens your expertise.

4. Endorsements about the strategy itself.

A few years ago I launched a new program called Virtual Events Made Easy to teach online entrepreneurs how to do a telesummit.

I had done several telesummits but I hadn’t taught it – yet. So, I turned to my business girlfriends who either partnered with me in my telesummits OR who had done one too. They shared results and opinions that exemplified telesummits as a hot strategy (That was before everyone was doing them!)

A thumbs-up for you, your other offers and the strategy itself are often more than enough evidence to lead an ideal client from interested in what you do to invested to work with you.

Still convinced you have to have specific testimonials? There’s another way to get them…

Launch your program in BETA-mode.

Gather a group of beta-testers who are excited to have first-time access to your new offering.

Your community gets advance access to a new product creation experience at a fraction of the future price plus any additions or modifications made as a result of their candid feedback and testimonials.

I’ve done a few beta programs over the years and everyone wins!

The bottom line about social proof is your potential clients want to know – Have others invested in this? How did that decision work out for them? What kind of results did they get?

Social proof demonstrates that other people – some of them just like you – have purchased your products and programs and enjoyed results from them. This dramatically increases your chances of making a sale.

Get it. Use it. Enjoy the impact of it.

~ Gina xo


Catalyst Marketing Expert Gina Bell from GinaBellinc.com, Regina, SK Canada

Gina_Bell3-150x150Gina Bell is the Founder of Gina Bell Inc, a company devoted to expanding what is possible for women through entrepreneurship; Publisher of Rebelations Magazine, Author of the #1 Best-Seller Success Rituals 2.0 – Winning Habits of High-Achieving Women and author of Invisible-Proof!

What if positioning yourself as the expert and sharing your message with thousands of people could happen quickly?

What if growing your online business was – heaven forbid! – A pleasure? A joy? And, lucrative from the start?

In her career as a Catalyst Marketing Strategist to ambitious women in business, Gina Bell has faced off with these questions — and many others.

She’s found answers that serve her, and is devoted to helping women find their own answers, too — sparking movements that build prominence, dare distinction and ignite a premise for profit (far beyond dollars and cents!)

“There’s marketing and then there’s CATALYST marketing.” Gina says. And with a marketing mantra of: “Why just do it when you can REALLY do it?” it’s no wonder she’s become the go-to-gal for women who want to invisible-proof their expertise and rise to a new stratosphere of success quickly.

Gina’s been coined one of the most responsive women on Twitter so be sure to reach out to her there too!

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