Why Hiring is Just Like Dating by Erica @Cosminsky

by Erica Cosminsky | Featured Contributor

Job ads are just like online dating profiles

Job ads and online dating profiles are either really difficult to write or some dry, over-used, old template. Most of the time you talk too much about yourself. (I, I, I, we,) and not enough about what makes you or your projects different. You also may lack substance in what you are looking for, possibly because you don’t know what you want or need

Not knowing where you are headed or what you need to get there sets you up for failure from the start.

First dates are just like interviews

You only have a vague impression of the person on the other side of the table and both parties are probably saying what the other wants to hear. Many swift decisions are made during these initially meetings. Research I have read, says that most of those “gut-feeling” decisions are made in the first 3 seconds of a date or interview.

Second dates are like your first day at a new job

You’re still a little nervous but excited and maybe a little hopeful. You have plans for your future but you don’t yet know if you can trust this “relationship” or job.

Meeting the Family

As the hiring manager or new partner, you have to introduce the new person to your team or alternately your friends and family. Sometimes they love them and sometimes they think you’ve made a huge mistake. I’m sure we’ve all had jobs where the new person gets dogged in hushed tones behind their back.

Right or Wrong

Sometimes you end up three months into a relationship and realize you’ve made a huge mistake. Other times you realize you’ve found a perfect fit that you just can’t do without.


In dating and jobs, you have anniversaries and special events (like vacations). You have to discuss money, and feelings can get really hurt when either party feels betrayed.

And you can grow apart. Five or ten years in to a relationship might make you realize you aren’t the same person any more or that there is no room left for you to grow.

While I can’t even remotely claim to be a relationship expert, I do know there are some keys to all human-relationships.

Where do you see holes in your “relationships”?


Erica Cosminsky is an HR Business Strategist for small businesses. She can slog through the pile of applicants and help deliver the best assistant to your “office door”, she transforms mile long to-do lists into manageable bites, and like your best friend after a raging party, she sticks around to offer assistance or clean up any messes, etc. Find her free delegation workbook at, a free online action guide teaching entrepreneurs how to build their brand with class and authenticity

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