Why you should take notes from the Miley Cyrus Playbook by @StephanieDMedia

Miley Cyrus

by Stephanie Donegan

Unless you’ve been under some sort of rock, Miley Cyrus has been all over the news recently. She’s often talked about for “twerking,” which might I add, is nothing new and is talked about in such a way as to say she isn’t as pure as she was when she was Disney’s beloved Hannah Montana.

What many don’t realize is that Miley and her team are brilliant!

Hannah Montana was a character–the pure young girl that millions of ‘tweens waited in excitement to see once a week–but the fact is, that wasn’t Miley. As she grew, she had to grow out of the little girl character she was accustomed to playing and into the Miley Cyrus she knew she herself to be.

Miley has often talked about not caring what the naysayers had to say or that if she didn’t sell a record, she only wanted to do what she loved and that’s make music, in her way. (And might I add, the girl is an amazing singer. I personally dig her music!) Regardless of what anyone says, Miley has done exactly what Miley wanted to do, garnering more money in 2013 and more records sold of her newest album than ever before!

Why? Some might argue the over-sexualized version of herself that she’s been sporting, but I believe that authenticity is a breath of fresh air. She’s a little bit of rebel, a little cuteness, a little rachet and a whole lot of country, and she isn’t apologizing for that to anyone!

What lesson can we take from her? Do business your way with no apologies! When everyone is going left and you want to go right, do so! Trust your intuition! Trust yourself!

In a business world where everyone is playing copycat, over time, no one stands out as an individual. You doing so will shine bright, like a spotlight in the midst of a forest with a thousand trees.

Individuality and authenticity can set you apart in ways that can catapult your business into the stratosphere and, before you know it, you’ll be rocking a 6-figure brand that you and your followers are absolutely in love with!


Stephanie DoneganStephanie Donegan, often referred to as the Client Magnet Specialist, is a marketing coach that helps online entrepreneurs attract ideal clients into their high end programs.

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4 Replies to “Why you should take notes from the Miley Cyrus Playbook by @StephanieDMedia”

  1. Kim

    Heck yes! I am a Miley fan only in that she has executed the best rebranding of a Disney star thus far and really made herself into a sensation on her own terms. Hit the nail on the head.

  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Steph, no apologies indeed! I’ve never been one to tip toe around lol…and appreciate her authentic nature, honesty, and absence of the fear of criticism. Inspiring person if you ask me. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Micky

    I really like your view on authenticity. I honestly never thought about how she was staying true to doing things her way and not caring about the masses and she indeed has tons of folks loving her. Great article!

    1. Stephanie

      So glad you enjoyed it. If we do more of what lights us up, we can easily attract our desired clients!!! Let me know how it works for you

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