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You are sitting in your living room and the show “The Odd Couple” comes on. Oscar is in his bedroom doing his radio show.   Suddenly you take notice. Someone’s paying him to have his radio show in his bedroom!   You think, “Too bad I can’t do that.” But wait is there a way to you can have your voice heard like Oscar? Have your own show from the comfort of your home?

That’s where the idea starts.

Of course you realize that Oscar is not a real person but people are making money from their own homes. They don’t have to worry about hair, makeup or traveling to an office.

As you think more about this you can envision yourself sharing your knowledge and expertise. You know the room you’ll work from. It’s the one with the view of your beautiful backyard. How cool would that be?

Then it hits you. “Who is going to hire me to be on the radio?” Instead of that discouraging you hear a voice inside you that says there has to be a way and you know what? There is!

As an entrepreneur you’ve probably read all kinds of emails telling you they have the “magic bullet.” The truth is there is no magic bullet. When my parents started their first business it took hard work and building business relationships. They used word of mouth marketing and it worked.  The same holds true today even more so because many have been burned by unscrupulous people.

The good news is that we live in a day and age when we can virtually reach out to our ideal customers. We can start building those business relationships on and offline and we can have our online voice heard.

You need multiple ways to market your business. When I talk to clients about creating a marketing strategy for them one of the areas we talk about is face-to-face video. There are those who are ready to embrace it while others would rather have me create a series of videos for them.

There are those that tell me they have a face for radio. Ahh! There it is again. Radio.

What if you could harness the power of “radio?” Have your own show. Reach out to your ideal customers locally, globally, 24/7!

What is this marketing strategy that you can use to do this and more?

It’s podcasting!

With podcasting you will be able to “say it loud” and personally talk to the very customers you are targeting.

Podcasts are mp3’s or audio files that can be downloaded. Like a radio show, podcasters broadcast on a regular schedule, but unlike radio where they are only on at a specific day and time, podcasts can be made available to listeners for download any time.

Each episode of a podcast covers a certain topic that’s related to your niche or the interests of your audience.

Let’s be real from the start. For most podcasters there’s little money to be made podcasting.   Notice I said most. That’s because you have to have a plan, a reason why you are podcasting. You can think of new and creative ways to make multiple streams of income and when done correctly you can make money via your podcast. That comes with time and hard work.

In the beginning your goal when it comes to podcasting should be to start your “show” and gain popularity. There are strategies to do this.

Podcasts are popular.

Recently I read an article from Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute. He said they had committed to doing 52 podcast shows and that was probably going to be it.

Then he was asked to speak at a CoppyBlogger conference. You know what people talked about when they came up to meet him? It was his podcast show! They were passionate about it. According to Joe they liked it even more than the articles! Is he going to continue podcasting? You bet he is.

In my second book The Secret Equation To Attracting More Clients” I talk about your P Factor and podcasting. Your P Factor is your personality and podcasting lets your personality show in your voice! People can get to know who you are and what you do by listening to you share information with them.

Using podcasts can help build your community as you can see from the example above.

If your programming resonates with your audience they will listen and tell others about it. This brings in more listeners.

Podcasts are an inexpensive way to market your business.

Podcasting can grow you audience, give you more exposure and bring new leads to your marketing channels. The best part is that it’s extremely low-cost. The gear you need to start podcasting is minimal.

Wondering how to get started?

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