Women in High Gear Launches May 21 in New York City to Social Media Influencers


(April 11, 2013)– Anne Deeter Gallaher and Amy D. Howell will launch their first book, Women in High Gear: A Guide for Entrepreneurs, On-Rampers, and Aspiring Executives, on Tuesday, May 21, at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City.


Book Launch Invite 2“Conversations on women and work, women and leadership, and women as executives have captured global attention. We are excited to add to the conversation with our experiences in Women in High Gear,” said Deeter Gallaher and Howell, both of whom founded and run public relations firms and strive to balance work and family expectations.


As business owners who met on Twitter in 2009, the duo realized that their different stories of business success and family/career balance would encourage and help women of every career stage. “Whether you’re a recent graduate, returning to work, or running your own business, the value of reaching high gear is critical to our economy,” the authors said.


Corporations and small businesses alike are now engaged in these conversations and realize the benefit in helping employees reach their high gear goals.  Is high gear attainable for today’s women and the next generation of women? What exactly defines high gear? A seat at a board of governance? Ascending to the C-suite? Financial independence? Starting a business? Yes! The prescription for high gear is not limited to BA, MBA, Wall Street, Board Seat. In fact, the engine and backbone of the global economy is small business—smart, innovative people who are contributing to their own economies, their communities’ well-being, and creating jobs.


Amy_Anne“Whether you’re in mid-career, on-ramper, or have a laser-focus on the corner office, we challenge you to charge ahead. The world needs your energy, ideas, passion, and curiosity. As Marissa Mayer once said, we need women who have a ‘healthy disregard for the impossible,’” said Deeter Gallaher.


“Talking honestly about emotional resilience and soft skills, working with men, understanding the bottom line, social media, personal branding, and rebounding from roadblocks, we reveal advantages and opportunities in shifting into high gear,” said Howell.


SoSlam SigningWhat the Readers are Saying

Women in High Gear is a terrific book for women seeking career advancement.  I recommend the book to anyone who wants to better understand how to leverage the power of today’s ever-increasing diverse workplace.”

– T. Michael Glenn, Executive Vice President, Market Development and Corporate Communications, FedEx Corporation

“Anne Deeter Gallaher and Amy D. Howell are also keenly attuned to the need for mentoring, guidance, and inspiration to help prepare current and future generations of women for leadership in business and society. These are exhilarating times to be in business, begin a career, or re-launch ourselves after a sabbatical. Women in High Gear will challenge, inspire, and guide women at all stages of career development to set priorities, overcome obstacles, and achieve their boldest goals and callings.”

– Dr. Kim S. Phipps, president of Messiah College, and author of the book’s Foreword


“In a business world steeped in too much self-help blather, Amy and Anne stand up for accountability, distinctiveness, mental toughness, responsibility, hard work, compassion, and appropriate compromise—the values that forge great leaders. This book is inspiring, true, and even better—entertaining!”

– Mark W. Schaefer, college educator, entrepreneur, international speaker, and author of Return on Influence.


About Women in High Gear Anne_Mark Schaefer_Amy

In 13 easy-to-read and easy-to-relate-to chapters, Deeter Gallaher and Howell share their journeys to high gear and exemplify how others can connect the dots for growth and success. Women in High Gear combines big business principles with small business DNA in hopes that these experiences will shorten the business learning curves of others.


To learn more about shifting into high gear today, order the book from Amazon; visit the Women in High Gear website and follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. Amy Howell

    Melissa! You are a high gear woman and we thank you so much for sharing this journey! I love this post! Part of our story is about supporting others in meaningful ways and you certainly are. I am glad our paths have crossed in real life and love the friendship we have IRL and across the Twitter waves! Thanks for posting this! Hope to get to see you next time I am in Nashville. Hugs! Amy

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